Friday, September 10, 2010

Time? wishing well, Turkeys, Nunn Days, Labor Day

Where did it go???? Time that is. Yesterday it was summer, and now the days are shorter, and there is the smell of fall in the air. The heavier jackets and pants are coming out for the AM chores. Just a few days ago there was a thin layer of ice on the bird bath, and the frost had killed a watermelon plant, and half of our sweet potato vines. And the cucumber plants looked pretty wilted. The one and only watermelon on that plant was the size of a basketball, but to our dismay was not fully ripe. Not a true watermelon color, but paler, and although a good many of the seeds were brown, a lot we still white. We start getting "itchy" for wintertime hay when fall is in the air, and were lucky enough to secure hopefully a years worth of hay, and have it all stacked in the barn. Now THAT is a good feeling.
Dennis and I finally finished our wishing well. Remember our damaged well head, somewhat to the tune of $300 to repair. Well we constructed a wishing well that is big and heavy to withstand the wind out here on the prairie. Now the well head is safe and sound. I painted it, and all we have left to do is put shingles on the roof.
You can also see two of my Bourbon Red turkeys in the photo.
Speaking of turkeys, they are doing a great job with grasshopper control. There was a bumper crop of grasshoppers this year, I guess that droughts and grasshoppers go hand in hand on the prairie. What I have learned thus far about turkeys, since this is the first time they have graced our little farm. Turkeys like to perch up high,crap all over everything, and they eat everything in sight that is green. If I chase them out of the flower garden, when I turn my back, they start to follow me. I wonder what the neighbors think when I am heading off to the house, with a full bucket of milk, the dogs following me, and all the turkeys taking up the rear. It is like I am getting the royal escort back to the house. Wish Dennis could get a picture of this. Like me being the pied piper. I wonder if it is like the farmer who is plowing his fields, with all the seagulls flying around waiting for him to kick up bugs and other delicious delectables.
It is nice to hear their gobbles. And fun to just sit and watch their antics. They seem to like people and follow you when you do chores, and are always curious. When I am changing the bedding on our bed, they hop up on our outside bench and look in the window and watch me.
Someone said they have very keen eyesight, which I do believe. I wonder how you can eat the poor things.
Here is my crew at work on pest control.

Nunn celebrated the end of August. Dennis and I had a great time reading about Nunns history in their museum, Me in front of the museum. the old general store
Dennis waiting outside the one room cabin eating popcorn, as I am in the cabin.

watching the hometown parade,
and mud volleyball.
We were going to go to their street dance, but figured that 9pm was way past our bedtime. We are looking forward to this celebration again next year!

We had an exceptionally good Labor Day. Our whole immediate family got together to celebrate the baptism of our granddaughter Liliana. Here is a picture of her on her special day! It was so nice to be with family.
And last but not least, Little Orphan Annie watches forlornly as summer fades away into fall.

More later............