Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Come and gone.

Well, Christmas has come and gone, we spent it with half of our family, and may have another Christmas this coming weekend with the other half. I came down with an awful cold 2 days prior, and am just starting to feel human again. I hope no one else gets it from me, as I was very conscientious in my hand washing.
I made a table runner for my mother, Arizona colors of course, her favorites. Pictured here.

I sold 3 of my barred rock hens today, Dennis and I really did not need all the eggs we were getting, so now we are down to only 6 hens, we should get 5 or 6 eggs daily from them. Also my two hen turkeys are now laying, so we are getting eggs from them also..
Today, I have all to myself as Dennis and Ryan are up near the Continental Divide Lake Trout fishing. I wonder if I should thaw out something for supper tonight, or if they were lucky.
Well anyway, it was nice having this day to myself. I only have a handful of them each year, and they are cherished.
I sent out 25 Christmas cards this year, and hardly received any. I guess due to the economy, people are saving on stamps and cards, hmmmmm, I wonder.
More later..........................

Monday, December 13, 2010

Overwhelming!!! to say the least!

Stairway to Heaven, well actually not,but sometimes it feels like it! It is my stairway up to the loft where we keep our computer.

This past month,I have been busier than a one armed paper hanger!!!!
Thanksgiving was spent with our daughter Tera and grandson Brady in Denver. Julie and Lily came with us, as Ryan had to work.
Lily, for her first Thanksgiving. Speaking of Lily, she cut her first tooth, and is crawling all over.

Tera(our daughter) had surgery on December 3rd, and I went to her home to help with her recovery from the 6-9Th. The day after I left she developed a fever and was taken to the ED dept and was told that she had developed an abscess. She is back in the hospital, spiked a temp of 103, they drained the abscess, so hopefully she is on the mend. Please say a prayer for her, she has been through too much these past couple of weeks. Nothing that any one person should have to go through.
We were at the hospital today, to visit with her. Took us 45 minutes to get out of downtown Denver. We could not figure out if we were heading N-S-E or W!!!!They always say that you can tell were you are going in Colorado if you look towards the Rocky Mountains. They are usually to the west of us. Well with all the tall buildings, we could not locate the mountains. And Dennis being the thrifty fellow that he is, would never spend the money to purchase a map. I do have a Garmin, a global positioning instrument, but with overcast skies, and tall buildings, and mountains, the satellite could not be located. Needless to say, we were able to finally figure out where we were.
Remembering when I was driving to Teras home on the south side of Denver, I was thinking to myself, that they need to have a "white knuckle lane" for all us old ladies over 50 years old who are not used to driving in the big city. Especially when there are more than 2 lanes. Hmmmmmmmm. There were at least 6-8 lanes going one way. I was too scared to count.

I have so much to do in preparation, not yet finished with Christmas shopping, and trying to make some gifts this year, special ones. Here is a Christmas stocking that I made for Dennis years ago that I will be making for Lily and for new additions to the family.

Here is a quilt that I have done for a wedding gift that I will not be able to attend in Minnesota the end of December.
With the left over fabric, I made a quilt for a baby boy for a dear friend of mine, backed with flannel.

To all you MN residents, a foot and a half of snow, and 4 degrees for a high!!!!!Whoo-hoo, you tough scandinavians! Gives me fond memories of my 40+ years living in that great state! Glad I live in Colorado. Our winter has been mild, we have no snow on the ground, and it reached 60 degrees today. The animals love it here also.
If I don't post here again until after Christmas, Merry Christmas to all of you!

More later.......