Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all our family and friends, and a special "thank you" to all who sent us Christmas cards and letters keeping us updated with your lives.
We spent Christmas Eve day with Tera and our Grandson Brady down in Denver.  Good thing, as it started snowing about 7pm that night. But we made it home before the roads were bad.  The drive to and from Denver, is always white knuckle time for me.  People drive fast, and tail gait/cut you off.  No blinkers, one hand holding the cell phone kind of driving.  Always makes me nervous, and I get a little car sick. I am always grateful for surviving the trip.

 Tera served us a lovely ham dinner with all the fixings.  I made a red velvet cake from scratch, and homemade frosting.  We read a bit from the bible, and then opened presents.  I was unable to get Brady to lead us in Christmas carols.  Maybe next Christmas, or when we get together with Ryan's family on the 5th of January for our second Christmas of the season.

 Ryan, Julie and the two little granddaughters are spending Christmas in South Dakota with the other grandparents.  Dennis and Liz at Tera's place.

As for Christmas Day, we woke up to a winter wonderland.  Received about 4 inches of snow, no wind to speak of, and a balmy 9 degrees.  The expected high to day will reach 19.   We will be spending the day with our 4 legged family.  Some pictures of chores this morning.

Some exceptional books that I would like to recommend this month are
"An Invisible Thread" by Laura Schroff.
"Kitchen House" by Kathleen Grissom.  And last but not least,
"The Midwife of Hope River" by Patricia Harmon.  This book was so good that I ordered and read her book "A blue Cotton Gown:A Midwife's Memoir" and I am on the waiting list for her 2011 book "Arms Wide Open: A Midwife's Journey".

I have been making allot of special gifts for my loved ones in the sewing room.  The aspen leaf coasters above have 12 different fabrics in each leaf.  The middle of them is a product called insul-bright, that is heat resistant.  It looks like two layers of batting with tin foil between them.  I heavily sewed the veins of each leaf, to keep everything tstiff and together.  I made 2 lap quilts for nursing home residents and also one for my Mother -in-law pictured below.

Not forgetting the pillows, curtains, and knitted items I made.  However, I wish that I would have started earlier, as I procrastinate until the final hour, and get a tad stressed out.  That is just me I guess.

More Later.....................................................................................................................