Friday, September 9, 2011

Tucson Visitors, Adventure, Denver Aquarium, and gardens.

Tucson visitors!
All righty then! My folks came up from Tucson for a visit and stayed a few days with us. Then they were off and running
to Great Falls Montana and then to Boise Idaho to visit my sister Jill and her family. When all was said and done, my folks had travelled 3473 miles, purchased $240 worth of gas, and averaged 51 miles per gallon. Not to mention all the aches and pains from travelling that distance. All in my dads new red Prius! All in 9 days. Dad did not want to park his car on our cement slab, as he wanted to be far from the turkeys. But boy were they attracted to that cherry red, shiny vehicle!

Fracking Adventure!
We did have some excitement when my parents were here however. Makes for a good adventure to tell their friends back in AZ.
A Fracking tank severed overhead power lines over the road, right outside our front gait.
Fracking is a process in which fractures in rocks below the earth's surface are opened and widened by injecting chemicals and liquids at high pressure, used to extract oil and natural gas. They can go down over a mile. WE have many of these pass by our house, as the prairie is becoming littered with oil/gas rigs. Well, anyway, there were live wires hanging over the road luckily not over the grass or all of Weld County may have gone up in smoke, as dry as the prairie is now. I called 911, and the truck driver stood guard on the road, so no one would drive through. 911 took 22 minutes to get someone here. Good to know if another emergency should arise.When the power company came to disconnect the sires from the transformer(power source) a huge spark flew and the ditch did catch on fire. .
Luckily the fire dept was there and quickly contained the blaze. The telephone pole the wires were on also snapped and cracked from the tension the fracking tank exerted, and we are still waiting to have that replaced. (hmmmm the old one would make many fence posts) The reason the tank snapped the power lines on this particular day is due to the high temps we have been having and the power lines were sagging. The truck driver was a nice young fellow, but said he did not want his picture taken for my blog.

Labor Day Fun!
We spent the day at the Denver Aquarium with Tera and Brady, Ryan Julie and Lily. Beautiful exhibits,
awesome full room floor to ceiling tanks full of toothy sharks, with the sound track from Jaws playing as you entered the room. We were also under tanks and could watch the fish swimming overhead. Lily and her Mom were mesmerized by the otter tank and their swimming antics.
Tera was mesmerized by her sweet little niece, and Brady, was attached to his cell phone as if it we a lifeline, texting who ever. Teenagers always need to keep in touch. And me, I got to touch a few stingrays in the stingray tank. There were cold and slimy.
scuba divers feeding sharks.

We had an early supper all together in downtown Denver, and then were home early enough to miss all the traffic.

It has been a good goat year for us this year. We had 9 babies and have sold all but 1, little Bambee, who I am keeping as a replacement for Coco as she is getting up in years. I really feel sad about breaking up families, but the three little doelings are all going to the same fellow, and the wethers all went together also. So misery loves company. Until they get used to their new families. I am sure that they will be making their new owners, as happy as they made us.

Garden, what else!
Our garden was a sight to behold this season with all the extra rain we received. The flowers that my friend Linda gave us are so beautiful. We are going to transplant them all this fall to the front of the house in my enclosed garden area, by the fish ponds and arbor.

I am presently elbow deep in preserving heirloom tomatoes, I hope to put up enough to last us until next year. There is nothing tastier than a thick slab of a meaty heritage tomato, a juicy slice of tender breast of turkey(sorry Peeping Tom) slathered with real mayo, nestled between two slices of fresh French Bread. Right Dad??? OK, time for lunch!

More later...........................................