Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthdays, and New lambs

I just checked and I have not written to my blog for almost a month! And here I thought that I just did one. Seems like one month feels like a week to me these days. Well anyway, we had 90 mile per hour winds here in Fort Collins yesterday, and we are 25 miles west of them. We noted that our neighbors shingles were doing the "wave" and it looks to be that he has some bare spots on his roof.
We woke up to a light dusting of snow here on the farm, have not had much snow here at all this winter, we are going to be so dry come spring. Dennis has went out and watered some of the trees and shrubs a few times, hopefully they make it.

We had a nice trip down into Denver for our Grandson Brady's 16Th birthday. He is growing up so fast. Easy to get him a present since a gift card lets him purchase what he needs. I remember one Christmas I bought Tera clothes when she was about that age. Ended up returning them as she thought that they were too "preppy".
Lily was all eyes as she watched her cousin blow out the candles and opened presents. Good thing as she will turn 2 March 1ST, so we are looking forward to that birthday also.

Just had two baby sheep born on Tuesday, one white ram and one black ewe. Both are doing great and have bonded well with the mama, who is named Oop. The white male will be named #2, and the black female will be named #3. That is the birth order here at the farm. Holly was our first sheep ever born, so I guess that she is special. Speaking of Holly, she tips the scales at over #50 pounds at 60 days old. In sheepdom, you want fast growing lambs. The measure of a mothers worth is how fast her lambs grow. It is indicative of her genetics and also milk supply. You would expect a mother with a single lamb to have more growth than a twin birthing, but a very special ewe will keep up. We keep careful records of age and weight gains on the lambs for the National Sheep Improvement Program. You can Google this if you want more information.

I have my airline tickets all lined up for my Alaska cruise this summer with my family. Hope I got a good rate, but was going insane checking the flights on a daily basis, so had my parents travel agent set them up for me. I had started looking shortly after New Years, and they are up about $100 now, due to the gas increases. Uff'Da! I will be flying to Seattle June 16Th and then returning on June 24Th. Heaven. The travel agent said that since I have never been on a cruise before, that I should start taking Dramamine a few days before the trip. Not. But hopefully I will not be singing into a porcelain megaphone for my failure to follow friendly advice. Also, she said to dress in layers as it is cool, or cold, depending on what part of the country you are from. I went and bought a new purse that will hold my Kindle, camera and cell phone, so I am good to go. To bad I did not have a netbook, then I would really be ready.
Speaking of cruises, Titanic is coming out in 3D!!!!!!A must see movie.

February 24Th update.
Friday we came home from an outing in Greeley for the Home and Garden show. It was a nice little show, doable for older folks, nothing like the expansive show that is put on in the Minneapolis Mn area. Well, we got quite a few good ideas, and the weather was nice.
However,when we returned home, we found that we did not have water to the house or livestock areas. We figured out that the submersible pump is out. Since it is the weekend, the pump company is supposed to show up on Monday. So, we are camping out again, begging water from our neighbors for livestock and our use.
Builds character doesn't it. Also tests ones marriage to no end. We lived last year for three weeks without water, when our old 7 year well collapsed, as we put in a new well, going 700 feet, and we can do it for a few days.

My only dining table had 4 leaves and seats 14 people, however, in this house I have no dining room, just a small eat in kitchen, which is too small for my table even with the leaves out. So here is the table that I just recently purchased for the kitchen. (pictured here without the leaf.) It has an 18 inch leaf, and we can seat 8 people comfortably around this table. I am going to get a bench seat for the back against the wall. And it looks real nice. Not to forget that I gain 6 inches of walking room in the kitchen.

More later.........................................................