Monday, March 12, 2012

And they are off and running!

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.
Yes, Dennis and I are all revved up, the weather has been spring like in the 60's during the day and 30's at night. The frost is out of the ground, begging for more holes to be dug. We have that long to-do list left over from last fall. The only road block, is our aching backs, muscles and overtaxed check book. The first thing we did was purchase a larger tiller to work the soil in the front flower beds. Here is Dennis tilling the flower area.
The beds are all tilled, and the next thing we need to do is transplant the flowers from the garden into the front flower beds. The entire area will be bordered by 24 Russian Sage. Oh, looky there, my gardener taking yet another break, as he digs up the transplants.

The next thing that we accomplished this past weekend, is we built a walk bridge over my two koi ponds. Makes it easier for me to reach into the pond and retrieve the lilys to fertilize and cut off dead stems. It also offers some shade for the fish and plants. Here I am on the somewhat finished deck, I need to plan out some decorative hand rails if I choose to add them, and then to let the wood age so I can stain all the same color.


We celebrated Lily's 2nd birthday. She had a very good time, especially blowing out the candles and opening her gifts. It is great to live close to the grandchildren to be able to part take in these milestones of their lives.

Two weeks ago, the pump burned out on our well, and of course it happened on a Friday evening. I won't say luckily that we have been through this before, but we have two other times. so being old hands and experienced, we survived our 3 days without water, thanks to our generous neighbors across the street, who again put up with our schlepping water from their house to ours for us and our four legged friends.

The only thing that I accomplished in my sewing room since my last post, was I made a few tote bags out of feed sacks, and made a quilt for a baby grandson of a dear friend of mine, back in Minnesota.

The turkeys have started laying, the chickens have been all winter long.
#2 and #3 are growing like weeds and following their momma all over, also they have learned to crawl under the gate and wonder around the yard together. Holly our first baby is the black lamb to the right of Oop nursing her babies.
The goats are fine, someone is coming tomorrow to look at my two babies, then hopefully,we will be down to 4 goats again. A more manageable # for us at this age.

More later......................................................