Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter, again?????

30 degrees this am. Snow coming down sideways, but nothing like the storms that we had in Minnesota when I was growing up. Even amidst all this snow, the soulful song of the Meadowlark can be heard, breaking the sounds of the softly falling snow.One tough little bird, must be a Scandinavian!
It was 74 degrees here on Wednesday. Dennis and I were in short sleeves, and he commented that he should be wearing shorts. I said, yeah, we should have taken our bathing suits with us also. We started the day out at the local auction in Fort Collins. They were auctioning off sheep, goats, llamas, horses and hogs that day. We stayed about 4 hours. I sat on my hands the entire time. The goats were so cute. I hope they got good homes, but some no doubt ended up on the dinner plate. Here are a few pictures at the auction out where they keep the animals. I got a few good ideas for feeders while I was there. An old man, probably in his 80's sat by me, (the old ones always hit on me) He used to live in Pierce and farmed there, it is about 5 miles south of us. Well anyway, he told us quite a bit about the auction. He pointed out who was who, and what they were buying for. He said he would see us next week. Another new friend made. (One of my friends told me that if you left click once on my pictures, it will enlarge them)

This is from yesterday. guard dogs on duty, as we finish up our bluebird houses. We got a total of four done.
I was so excited when I went out to the mailbox this morning, with all the good photo opportunities, that I forgot to pick up the newspaper. It seems like whenever I take out the camera, Dennis disappears, but the dogs love having their pictures taken, here they are waiting for me at the gate.
The front and the back of our house.Large, I know,but acts as a good windbreak out here on the prairie.

This is a picture of our country road, leading 1 mile to Nunn, or another 12 miles to Highway 25 and Wellington. If you can imagine, how many weary travelers have traveled down this dirt road, by horseback, wagon train or horse and buggy. You can almost here the squeaking of the rusty wheels as they hit the ruts in our washboard road.
Will my daffodils survive yet another cold snap????
Will the bluebirds start looking for our new houses????
Another winter day. A good time for reflecting, doing various projects indoors like quilting, sewing or spinning. A good time for an oven dinner. For on Saturday, they are predicting 50+ weather again. No shoveling for us today!

More later........

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