Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Come and gone.

Well, Christmas has come and gone, we spent it with half of our family, and may have another Christmas this coming weekend with the other half. I came down with an awful cold 2 days prior, and am just starting to feel human again. I hope no one else gets it from me, as I was very conscientious in my hand washing.
I made a table runner for my mother, Arizona colors of course, her favorites. Pictured here.

I sold 3 of my barred rock hens today, Dennis and I really did not need all the eggs we were getting, so now we are down to only 6 hens, we should get 5 or 6 eggs daily from them. Also my two hen turkeys are now laying, so we are getting eggs from them also..
Today, I have all to myself as Dennis and Ryan are up near the Continental Divide Lake Trout fishing. I wonder if I should thaw out something for supper tonight, or if they were lucky.
Well anyway, it was nice having this day to myself. I only have a handful of them each year, and they are cherished.
I sent out 25 Christmas cards this year, and hardly received any. I guess due to the economy, people are saving on stamps and cards, hmmmmm, I wonder.
More later..........................

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