Friday, May 13, 2011

Kidding is over! Mothers Day, Fencing project

Kidding is finally over for us. Our herd matriarch, Coco had her 2 kids, May 5Th. I had the barn monitor on and heard a newborn kid crying. It was 12:30am and both kids had already been born. Coco was cleaning off the doeling who is brown and white spotted just like her momma. The black buckling was born first, and was still wet. I was up that night until 2:30 am, blow drying the kids, making sure they got allot of colostrum, and dipping navels, and waiting for the placenta to pass.
So, after all was said and done, we ended up with 9 kids, 4 doelings and 5 bucklings, who were all castrated. 8 were black and whites, and 1 a brown and white spotted. Here are the new kids, pictured above.

We had a very nice Mothers Day. I started it out by giving my mother a phone call of course. Dennis and I started our fencing project around our front yard. We were going to hire this out, but the fellow who was going to do it, who is moving into the area and will be a neighbor, is setting up his horse ranch, putting up his own fences etc. We wanted to get it done when the fence post hole digging is at its easiest here on the prairie. Which is in the spring as the frost comes out of the ground, and loosens the soil somewhat. If you wait too long into the summer or fall, you almost need a jack hammer to dig the holes. Dummy me, still have not found those fence posts with the holes included. Also, it saved us allot of money doing it ourselves. Here is a picture of Dennis setting the posts.

Ryan and Lily watching the fencing procedure.

The two hat girls, Lily and Grandma.

The almost finished front of the house. This should ad the curb appeal that this house needs.

Now all we have to do is add an arbor, and have someone dig the holes for our two koi ponds. They will be circular, 8 feet, and a little over 2 feet deep. Then plants will be added around these. The 5 koi that we wintered in the garage in a stock tank, are ready to get out in the sunshine!

Ryan and Lily showed up on Mothers Day at around 11am with a huge bouquet of lavender colored tulips.
They also brought home made bean enchiladas, lettuce, black olives, sour cream, a bottle of tequila and margarita mix. We enjoyed two meals of this. Of course we stretched out the margaritas. What a fantastic meal it was. A great Mothers Day for me!!!!!

Monday was a bluebird day, that I just had to get out and take some pictures of animals.
Here is Pulitzer Prize, in the pasture, looking regal as all get up.

Chester, the, you guessed it, father of all my goat kids this year.

The neighbors Red Angus bulls were mooing as I was out walking around, so I figured that they wanted their picture taken also.

Dennis in door garden that he can't wait to get planted outside.

More later........................................................................

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