Sunday, April 7, 2013

goat babies! Quilts, Book Club

My first doe due to deliver is Gabby and she gave us beautiful triplets.  And Gabby is not my largest doe, but she did fine during her pregnancy and delivery.  She is also milking like gang busters.  Even though she has triplets, the dairy goats still need to be milked twice daily, as they give so much milk, or you risk the chance for mastitis, I have found this in my experience anyway.  Since 1997 of goat rearing, I have only had two cases of mastitis.  Just really have to keep up on the goats condition at this stage.
Here is a picture of the two little does and buck that Gabby had. This first picture is under the heat lamp.  So the red tinge.

I only have one doe left to deliver, and that is Dosado.  She has always given me triplets also. 
Here is a picture of my lady in waiting. She has 3 weeks to go.
SHEEP UPDATE                                                                                                                          
I sold my little ram Hank.  But will be keeping him until he is weaned in 3-4 months.  The brown with white tail. I was planning on keeping him, but you have to make a sale when someone inquires. I got what I wanted for him also so I am pleased.                                                                                                                                 
I think it was the white scrotum that sealed the deal!  Now, how cool is that!

Just one more ewe to lamb, and one more doe, then birthing season is done for the year.

Not enough days in the week to get all the sewing done that I want to whilst here on the planet.  My son Ryan reminded me, that if I only have little snippets here and there, that the art of sewing will be dearer to me, and more special.  That is what it is like for him in regards to fishing anyway.
I did get finished a tote bag for a quilting friend of mine, specially made to store her hand quilting frame in.  

Also, I recently purchased a quilting frame and sewing machine.  It took Dennis almost a week to put it together, bless him, and I tackled the electrical part of the stitch regulator.  Here is the machine and frame all set up and ready to go.  I made the leaders to attach the top, batting and backing to the frame.  If you are not a quilter, this probably does not make sence to you.  I have been free motion quilting at my sit down machine, but it is getting harder on my elbows and shoulders tackling the quilts and moving them around to quilt.  With a quilting frame, the quilt is stationary, and the machine moves around.  The sewing machine is mounted on a frame with handles.  The technology is such that you can use your little finger to move the machine.  I also bought a laser to follow quilt patterns, and a stitch regulator to keep the stitches of consistent length. I can quilt a queen  size quilt

This is the quilt I just finished, and it will be the first quilt that I put on my new frame.
BOOK CLUB                                                                                                                                     
 I am reading the book, or actually the kindle book "Man in the Blue Moon" by Michael Morris.  I am 60% through the read.  The jury is still out on this book.  I keep waiting for something supernatural to occur.  Will let you know on a later post if it was an exceptional book.  I have to finish to find out, so I guess that is good.   
                                                                                                                                                                         More later.......................................................................................................................................                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  1. Hi Liz, it's really nice to hear what you are doing in your "retirement!" It looks like you have no problem keeping busy. How much fun is that with all the new animal babies! I still have the beautiful quilt you made me. With that new machine, you'll be able to make more in less time ;-) Ever thought of selling them, or have you already? Hi to Dennis for me, Janelle

    1. Janelle, Never sell them. Just give them away to family, friends and loved ones. Oh, and have made a ton of baby quilts.