Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Road trip, and LuLu

Yesterday Dennis and I took a road trip to Pine Bluffs Wyoming.
We currantly live about 20 miles south of the Wyoming border, and another 12 to Cheyenne. Pine Bluffs is about 67 miles one way.
This is what some of the countryside of Wyoming looks like. We passed those big wind whirlybirds which we can actually see out our upstairs bedroom window on a clear day and they are 20 miles away. Cheyenne is 6082 elevation, which is about 800 feet higher than we are here. They usually are colder and windier than we are and close the roads frequently in the winter. We passed so many antelope, but was unable to get a good picture through a moving vehicle.
I took a picture of myself as we were moving down the highway, did not want Dennis to take his hands off the wheel. I sure look like my dad in this picture, but I also look like my mom.

The trip was to pick up a new livestock guardian dog. Her name was Biscuit, but we have changed it to LuLu. She was named by our son Ryan. She is 6 months old, and is part Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd. So she is a Pyrtolian. Here is a picture of LuLu in the kennel, looking not too happy.

We put her in our dog kennel at first so she could get used to the sights and sounds of our place. She did not like Bear and was growling and showing her teeth. We were kind of worried, as the Anatolian can be fairly aggressive. Well this morning she was out running around with Bear and all seems to have been worked out. I forgot to mention that Anatolians are very intelligent self thinkers, and can figure out things, like how she got out of kennel and out of the collar we had on her. And this all in less than 24 hours time and at 6 months of age to boot!
Here are the tell tale signs of her escape.
LuLu and Bear during chore time this AM. All is at peace here.
You can see the size difference in a 10 month old Great Pyrenees and 6 month old Pyrtolian.

Two important things that I learned about LuLu on the trip home, First is that she gets car sick, and second is they fed her a good breakfast that AM!

Oh, for my weather report, I forgot to look at the thermometer this am with all the dogs excitement going on.

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