Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today started out like any other day, of the 20,075 days that I have been taking up space on this planet. I woke up bright and early at 0600 which is my usual now. We had slept with the windows open and the temperature inside the house was a brisk 52 degrees, perfect sleeping weather, don't you think? But heck, we, or I should say I am a tough 1/2 Scandinavian just like that old meadowlark that keeps tabs on me.
I ambled over to my mirror, and did a thorough exam, as thorough as can be without my bifocals on, searching if any new wrinkles had appeared on my face, any new grey hairs? Any new fat cells that had taken up residence on my body, during my restful slumber. No, nothing looked out of the ordinary. So today is my day. Tera my daughter and first born, called and sang happy birthday to me on my answering machine,with her lovely little voice, I sure do wish that she would audition for the next American Idol when it comes to town. She also sent me a e-mail card, with a naked stud on it, that got my ticker going! Then my son Ryan called, and he has made me a chocolate cake. That is what I asked for, it has been so long since someone made a cake for me on my day. And who can resist chocolate? My Mom used to when we lived in Arizona.
Which reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me. Her elderly grandparents lived beside a beautiful little lake up in northern Minnesota. The wife had her hobbies, and the husband used to love to go down to the dock and fish, or take out his boat and fish, along with puttering around in his garage. Winters are harsh up in Minnesota, so their children were always concerned for their safety. They eventually talked them into giving up their place on the lake and moving into town, and living in an apartment, which was on Lake Superior near the harbor. The Grandfather used to sit in his chair next to the window and watch the boats/ships come into the harbor. He did this day after day. Pretty soon he did not get up anymore, and he eventually passed away.
I don't know why I think of this story when it is my day. I guess that I am blessed with my health, and things that I really love to do, that I am passionate about in my life. My advice is to keep active, and passionate about something.

Well anyway, I started painting the chicken coop today. Want to get this thing done. I started out with a red near the roof,

then a forest green stripe, Geesh! Looky here, the camera man took a picture of me with my eyes closed! No, I was not sleeping on the job. Anyone know where I can find a new camera man?
then the bottom will be the same tan as our house. I did not get to the tan, as it started to sprinkle. I told Dennis to let me know if he saw any lightening, since I was on an aluminum ladder, unless he has other plans, since I am an old gal now.
As always, I still have my sense of humor, sometimes I make myself laugh! Here are the fruits of my labor from today anyway.

More later.........

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