Monday, May 31, 2010

Whew! Snow in May?

What a week we had. It started out on Wednesday with nasty weather. Some parts of Colorado north east of Denver received golf ball sized hail, which took out car windows, caused car dents, fallen tree limbs, and needed to be plowed off the streets due to accumulation. I was watching Lili that day. My sons dog started barking uncontrollably, I looked out the window to see really black ominous clouds overhead, so we headed for the basement. I found out later that a tornado had touched down a few miles where we were. Scary. At our house, we received only marble sized hail, but no damage. I guess it is too early to take my winter survival gear out of my vehicle.

We went to Linda and Dons and helped to remove a stock tank that they had been using for their goldfish. We were surprised to see that Don had 3/4 of the job already done. Bless his heart! We were expecting to do the entire job ourselves as the price for these two 8 foot tanks could not be beat.
We plan to bury these in the ground and use for our koi pond. But probably won't get them in the ground until the fall. I need to put up an arbor and some picket fencing to define my area first.

No not really, but here you can see that I am combing the old winter coat off of Bear. I have been combing him 10 minutes twice daily, and still have a long way to go. He does love these grooming sessions so.

Our chicks are almost 3 weeks old now, and growing some every day. We have moved them into my old budgie fly pen, they love all the room to roam. We still have them under the heat lamp until they get more feathers.

I went out and primed the chicken coop, to ready for painting. It will probably take me a few days to recover.

My carpal tunnel flares up when ever I do any painting, but I want the job done right. Earlier I had posted a picture of the color combination that I was going to use, but have decided to revise it somewhat. Will post picture when I have the coop completed.

I put my order in for 12 guinea hens. Can't wait. I will get them June 15Th. Of all the "yard" birds, guineas are my favorite. I just love watching their antics when they are out and about.

All you folks from Minnesota can skip this part but here goes, you Arizona folks should love this. Look how green it is here. Of course the picture does not bring out the true green we have here. I just can't get over it! The animals think that they have died and went to heaven!!!or to Colorado that is!

Have a good Memorial Day. Remember those you have loved,those you still love and drive careful. Remember our military,and their families, for they are the ones who make sacrifices everyday for our freedom.

More later.......

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