Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Neighbors pig roast, my perspective.

We only had to walk 800 feet, down the dusty gravel road. It was a cool evening, only in the low 80's. We would be OK as long as someone wasn't driving down the road at breakneck speed, raising a cloud of dust, only to be rivaled by the Atomic bomb clouds you see on TV. As we entered our neighbors tree lined driveway--lined with stately Ash and Cottonwood trees, who knows how many generations these trees have been around, and the stories THEY could tell if I could only unleash the memories in their growth rings.
The sounds of joviality fill our ears, the tops popping off of aluminum cans, the persons choice of beverage to be indulged. The sizzling of pork in the cooker. An occasional whinny from a horse, feeding time will be late for them tonight, as they watch from the safety of their corrals, switching their tails to and fro, stamping alternate feet-as a new batch of flies recently hatched.
A less than 24 hour baby goat bleats for its mama "maaaaa" as the old buck looks on-all knowing, as he has lived this many times. In the pig pen, the pigs are wondering where their companion could be. Yesterday there were three, now their numbers are down to two, but their companion is easily forgotten come feeding time, when there is less competition for food.
The sounds of neighbors and friends being, well, "neighborly". A riding lawn mower approaches pulling a trailer with 2 children,(our neighbors from across the street south west of us) with smiles reaching from ear to ear on their children's faces- in anticipation of all the fun they will have with other children, and how late will Mom and Dad let them stay up?..........

Our neighbors to the west of us had their pork roast on Saturday night. The pig was put in the roaster at 4am and we were eating at 6pm. DElicious.(sorry all you vegetarians). Dennis and I arrived their at 6pm and there was food and drink aplenty.
The cooker.

The food!

Along with good neighborly conversation, the meeting of new friends and neighbors. The good old boys, discussing the weather no doubt!

Dennis discussing feed prices with neighbors.

We also had our first horse ride by wagon from their two gorgeous Belgians, Zeus and Apollo.A picture of me alongside the two gentle giants.
here are some pictures of the team being hitched up.
As we drove past our neighbors to the south of our house, their three horses were running along with us, what a sight to behold, almost spiritual to me anyway.
Dennis and I were amazed how smooth the ride was, even as the horses were trotting. You can see I took a picture of Bear, being a good guard dog, running along side the horses and wagon. I don't think that he knew that we were on board.

some of our patrons aboard our wagon ride.
Also some pictures of some of their other farm animals.
two miniature horses that also pull a small cart

The pigs

mama and baby goat

chicken yard

Their farm was the original homestead, and we are just adjacent to them. One of the old wooden dilapidated sheds has some holes and slits to the siding, we saw honey combs hanging from these and worker bees coming and going. Only the very watchful eye would notice them, as their hive is slightly veiled by overgrown weeds. Wish that I would have taken some pictures of the bees.
We don't get to see our neighbors very often-everyone is busy living their own lives-just a passing wave and hello as we are out working in the yard or garden. But, it is unspoken that we will be here if anyone ever needs help. You gotta love small town living!!!!!

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