Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'mmmmm back!

I am back from my Minnesota adventure, and have been going full throttle since the plane touched down. Well actually, I have been back for one week already. Here are some of the pictures depicting my stay up north. My parents and I made the road trip from My place to New Ulm Mn. We listened to a CD book, a murder mystery, on the way. It was really hard for us to pull ourselves away from the car, the story was so mesmerizing. It made the 13+ car trip, seem so short. This is definitely the way to travel!
One of our first stops was to visit Windom, Mn where Dennis and I started out our married life together, 35 years ago. This is a picture of the first house we bought, I believe it cost $17,500.

Our daughter Tera was born in Windom. She was the first baby born in the new hospital there. I was treated like a queen, and stayed in the hospital for 4 days for a routine vaginal delivery, unheard of these days, with the cost of health care.

Next, off to New Ulm. Yeah, sure, you betcha!
We stayed at my sister Sandy's home in New Ulm Mn for 4 nights. Sandy and her family are such nice hosts and hostesses. My nephew Seth, was just back from Afghanistan, so it was nice to see him. While in New Ulm, we went shopping for clothes and antiquing, went to a neighborhood block party, and toured Schells brewery, which is based in New Ulm.
A good luck tree in my sisters back yard. This picture is sideways, and you need to enlarge it to see what it is. You click on the picture to enlarge. What do you think the story behind this is?

pathway to the home on Schells brewery property. It was considered a mansion back in its day.

No, I did not drink all this beer. These are some of the samples that we were given, 1 inch per glass. Actually, I did not like any of the beer, not being a beer drinker, but they did have good root beer. I guess that during the prohibition, Schells brewery manufactured root beer.

Fountain at schells brewery.

pond at Schells brewery

The city of New Ulm is small town living at its best. All the old architecture and the stately brick houses, make one feel like they have stepped back in time.
Next on the agenda was to travel to MPLS/St Paul area for a family wedding.

The wedding!
The wedding was Friday night, and was a very beautiful affair indeed. The bride and groom were just glowing, and I am sure had a good send off for their lives together. The reception was held at the country club, with snacks, and spirits a plenty. And Mn is oh, so green at this time of year, made for a perfect setting.

Was really nice to see all my family, all my brothers and sisters and their families in attendance. I am hoping that Sandy will send me her copy of the family photo.
We stayed the last 3 nights of our visit at my brother Mike's home. His wife Jean and him are great hosts also. Bless their hearts, both my dad and I were ill one day, they made their home into a sick bay. I was hoping to make it to the Mall of America to see the Underwater World, as we moved to Arizona just prior to its opening. But my one day in bed prevented me from doing that.
Minnesota was very hot, and the added humidity, made it beastly for a few days. It is good to be back in a less humid environment.
Well that is it in a nutshell, the abridged version anyway.
In my absence, Dennis took good care of the animals, too good, as the goats are all fat. I will need to work on trimming them down before fall breeding season starts. Nothing will kill a goat faster than being overweight, and carrying 3 or more kids, with not enough room for food to nourish them.
More later................

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