Monday, March 21, 2011

Bad, bad March

So far, the first half of March has not been very enjoyable for us. Both Dennis and I got the influenza A, with temps over 102.6, for a few days.. It is going on two weeks since I had my fever, and I am still not back to 100%. Dennis is 4 days behind me, and he is not 100% either.

Last night our well water to the house turned black. I called the well driller, and he came out this morning. This is a picture of the guys, advancing the pipes upward in 20 feet increments to see if the water would clear. Our well is 550 feet deep.
We may need a new well to the tune of $15,000. This is the color of our well water to the house. Not clear like it should be.
He also said the black is coal sediment, from the formation, and could have been caused by the oil well fracturing. Something they do to get the oil out. They are just less than 1/8 of a mile from our house. This oil well was put in 2010, and has lain dormant up until a few days ago when they started doing something to it.Here is a picture of the oil well from the alpaca pasture. You can see the neighbors farmstead between us.
Dennis and I went over and brought a sample of our water, of course the foreman was noncommittal, and was reluctant to give us his corporate office number, but I got it in the end. But when I called, was not the person who it was supposed to be. We also got out of him that the oil well goes 9000 feet horizontal, but he did not know which way, or did not want to share it with us.
Some good things also happened in March. My Wellington friends(formerly Red Hats) and I went to a Model Railroad Museum in Greeley Colorado. I was skeptical, don't really have too much interest in model trains, but I ended up taking 133 pictures, it was truly impressive!

It is modeled after the Oregon, California and Eastern Railway, of central, southern and western Oregon.(wishing I was living there right now)

They had real live dispatchers on duty, to prevent derailments, a total of 2000 cars and 150 locomotives. 14,000 fir, 6,000 deciduous and 3,400 aspen, all hand made.

A Colorado sunrise. Enjoy.

More later........

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