Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun in the Sun!!! Birthdays,

No, not scantily clad beach babes playing volleyball in the sand. Oil dripping off their sun toned well honed muscled bodies, swimsuits barely staying on as the spike the ball. That is not what I meant.
We had more snow on Friday. I got some really neat pictures of the Radis having fun in the sun, after it quite snowing. Me with the dogs, loving them up!
Grandpa with bear, taking time between filling water buckets. It is already starting to warm up, so starting to shed the winter outerwear.

Shhhh. One of the guineas is hiding in the snow.A frozen water bucket, dumped upside down. Only the top and sides were frozen, and the water is left inside. You can't really tell it in this picture, but it looked like a beautiful mirrored sculpture.

Here are a picture of Ally and Oop,waiting to be fed. .
These sheep came from a farm who had a Border Collie that was used to round them up. They were very jittery and jumpy when we first got them, as they were waiting for the dogs to chase and nip at their heels. As you can see they have calmed down now and like the dogs, I am scratching the bottom of Ally's neck, while Lulu loves her up.

It was Brady's birthday(15) and Lily's(1),so we had our birthday celebration this past Saturday. The food was good(we had a heritage turkey), the company was fantastic, and I think the birthday kids enjoyed their gifts.
Brady had two of his friends along to help him celebrate his big day.

Lily had fun also.

Tera and Dennis discussing the toys.

Proud parents of Lily, Ryan and Julie.

No pictures of me, as I was the chief cook and picture taker. But Jen did some picture taking.

A head study of my Polar Bear, deep in thought.
More later....................................

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  1. Love the pictures!! The last one is my favorite.