Monday, June 20, 2011

Denver Zoo, ponds, and weather

We went to the Denver zoo on the 11Th of June. Ryan asked us to be at his place early, so we could get an early start. Early????I thought that we would be done with the zoo by early afternoon and have the rest of the day to do something else. Not so, this zoo is on 80 acres, by 4pm we were scurrying to see the last few exhibits. And boy were we beat. It was a nice cool day however, few showers on and off, but not enough to hinder us at all. They are also adding on to the zoo, a large Asian Tropics area.I think that I remember seeing that the new addition will cost 50 million. Here are some of the highlights of our zoo adventure.

And my personal favorite was the lorikeet enclosure. All the birds were flying free, and would come up to you and feed nectar out of a little Dixie cup. All the birds were so colorful and all different.

The ponds are in!!!!

We hired someone to dig the holes to set our ponds into. They did an excellent job, and they are even level. We have had them full of water for a week now, and put our 5 Koi in a few days ago. I am going to Fort Collins in the morning to buy some pond plants. This fall, we will transport the perennial plants and bushes around the ponds. We hope to build a walk bridge, and put it over where the two ponds meet, to shade the fish. And we will also train them to come for food there. Lily should have fun with that.

Goat herd on pasture.

Katahdin Hair sheep coming!!!
We are expecting our 4 new Katahdin hair sheep to come to us this weekend. It has been a long wait for us, but worth the wait.

Our weather report today!!!June 20TH.
Thank God it is summer tomorrow!
We took a trip to Greeley to purchase pea gravel to abandon our old well per code. We need to fill a 500 foot, 6 inch wide pipe with pea gravel, and then put concrete, 5 feet or so at the top to fill the last of the pipe. Well anyway, it is so cold here, that I had on 3 layers, a tee shirt, a sweatshirt, and on top of that a polar fleece jacket. Oie vei!!! And I thought that I could remove my winter survival gear. Alas, Dennis was in shorts and sandals. Good day for manual labor for Dennis, I would think.

Lily, Ryan and Julie, at the end of the day at the Denver Zoo.

More later............................................

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  1. Where are you getting your katahdin's from? The place we got our katahdin crosses from sold us sheep with CL. I'd love to buy a katahdin ram for next season, but don't know anyone who sells them...