Monday, July 25, 2011

The fair, the fair. Ponds, arbor and of course, turkeys!

The air was charged with excitement at our house Saturday morning! We had an outing planned to attend the Weld County Fair, it was to be our first fair here in Colorado since moving here 2 years ago. With all of our fair going finery on and camera in tow, we headed out the door. We arrived at the fairgrounds in Greeley at around 1000 am. Nary a soul was to be seen. We saw some folks going into a dog show, and also saw a horse show going on at one end of the fairgrounds, but the parking lot was empty, we did get one of the best parking spots however, I must say. We wondered around some and finally found a fair official, and he said that this was the "pre fair" and that the real fair started on Wednesday. Hmmmmmmm. Pre fair? what rock have we been hiding under? I should have guessed it by the top of the fair booklet.

Oh well. We re planned this outing for Wednesday, now we can really have something to look forward to again!

Pond doings.
I heard a tinkling at the front door, and just saw the start of the hail, but no rain yet. I ran out to the barn and let the male alpacas into their shelter from the pasture. I was almost in the house and it started raining in earnest, and I was hit a few times by nickel size hail. Last night we received 1.3 inches of rain. Here is a picture of the ponds whilst it was down pouring. You can see the sparkle of the hail.

I was worried about the garden from the hail, but this morning all was well. A little bit of our Swiss Chard had holes, but everything else seems to have weathered the storm OK. Here is some of our garden pictured.
Since Mother Nature obliged and softened the ground somewhat, I dug the last post hole for my arbor, and leveled all four posts and got the first part of the lattice up.

It is in the 90's right now, and humid, but I can't wait until tomorrow morning to get the other side of the arbor done, and the roof started. The peak of the roof will have lattice work on it. Can't wait. When I start a project, or am planning one, I am obsessed with it, and think about it all night, in the middle of the night, until I get it done. Then I can start on my bridge over the ponds. Here is a picture of the bridge I plan on building. I spotted in while travelling the back roads of Nunn.

Ma and Pa turkey, cooling off under Dennis pigeon kit boxes.

Three of their offspring which were hatched out April 20Th.
This past week we sold 6 turkeys to other turkey enthusiasts. But not to worry, we have plenty more.

Another pond flower.

Wild ditch flower on my way to the mailbox this afternoon.
Guineas hunting grasshoppers! Way to go Guineas!

More later......................................

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