Monday, October 3, 2011

Time flies when you're having fun!!!!

Boy, does it ever fly. It has been almost a month since I last posted. Not for lack of things to write about,but rather, not enough time. I am full swing into canning, and it has taken a lot of my time. We had a bumper crop of tomatoes, corn and beets this year. And sure do not want this to go to waste, family and friends will only take so much. I think we over did it with zucchini and yellow squash. Yesterday I harvested herbs, thyme, oregano, chives, and dill weed. Here is the dill weed hanging in bunches in the kitchen window, since the dehydrator was full of the other herbs.

I did have my three little doelings sold but the deal fell through at the last minute. So now I am scrambling and trying to find them new homes. I hate when that happens, I even held onto them for a month for him. So we still have 8 goats, but hoping to cut down to 5. Now that the weather is cooler, I am starting to make cheese again. My first batch of Fromage Blanc was a huge success.

I sold Roxie, one of my alpacas to a nearby alpaca breeder. She is still young and this way she will be able to have babies, since I am no longer breeding alpacas. My two males are up for sale, then I will be down two alpacas.
We thought that the guineas were done laying eggs for the year, but imagine Dennis surprise when he pulled back the tarp to get at the hay!

We did attend a goat show. Here were some of the entrants.
Always have a good time when we go to anything goat related. Ladies waiting for their turn in the ring.

We got a bunch of posts for raised flower beds and and plan to border a flagstone walkway with these. Just waiting for the weather to cool somewhat, and the ground to loosen so we can move a bunch of flowers into the front of the house. Here is kind of a rough plan the way we have them laid out.
As you can see, we have one gate done, and just need another on the arbor side, then all my flowers will be safe from the chickens. Still waiting to build my bridge, may make an easier one than the one I had planned on.

My friend Sue and I did a Thelma and Louise to Nebraska, to the Brown Sheep Company.
Everything yarn, wool and pattern related. I bought some warping thread to warp my looms. Finally will have no excuse not to weave now. The Brown Sheep Company is near Scottsbluff. We met a friend of hers there, and went out to lunch and visited the local Goodwill to look for wool sweaters for repurposing. Sues friend got us fired up for making mittens and such out of these sweaters after felting them. I have some grand plans for leather bottom socks and flowers to put on bags for mine. Was a really fun time had by all of us, we are all RN's so had a lot to talk about. The countryside was beautiful. Here are a few pictures, through the car window I am sorry to say, as we had to get back to those husbands of ours.

We went to the Octoberfest at Windsor Colorado. Went with Ryan, Julie and Lily. Lily just loved the puppet show they had of "Jack and the Beanstalk". They also had Dachshund races.
Here she is waiting for the races to begin, contemplating who is going to win the first race.
These were great, the little wieners are such feisty dogs. I always had wiener dogs when I was growing up. Love those little dogs. They have a heart of a Great Dane however. A lot of bickering going on between the contestant dogs, trying to determine who the "top" dog was. Food highlights, we had krautburgers, never heard of these till we moved down here. They are hamburgers with sauerkraut,and onions, baked in a bread like dough, with no opening. Dennis was hoping for a good Germain beer, but they did not have any.

I did manage to get some sewing done. With one of the clubs that I belong to, we have a small project that we do once per month. I made a pumpkin table runner, and a snowman/snowflake pillow pictured here. Was a lot of fun putting this together.
Will make great Christmas gifts. I am also working on a mystery quilt in plaids, a mystery quilt is, they give you a block each month, and you don't know what the ending quilt will look like. It is a, well, a mystery until you finish it 12 months later. I am having allot of fun with it.

Here are the neighbors cows, who we share a fence line with. I can't recall the breed of cow, starts with a C or S. The black one is the bull they are leasing.

Another thing that has occupied a lot of my time is the new Kindle that I recently purchased. Both my mother and I bought one of these. We have been conversing almost daily on the attributes of the Kindle and what we have been finding out about it. We can carry 3500 books in our purse where ever we go, can borrow books from the library from the comfort of our home, and don't need to worry about returning them, they just disappear. We can also share books with each other, can purchase books on line, for as little as .99 cents or free,can sample the first two chapters of books before we purchase them, can download pdf files off of our computer onto the Kindle, and the list goes on. I felt that my brain was going to mush, and needed to start reading again in earnest. I also joined the Ault Public Library book club that meets each month. I thought that I would be one of the last to let go of books with paper pages, but after moving books cross country with all our moves, and wanting to keep up with technology, I joined the ranks of folks with ereaders.

More later, if I can just get my nose out of this Kindle........................

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