Monday, October 31, 2011

Record breakers,The Hunt, Happy Halloween

Last week was a record breaker for sure, weather wise for us that is. Our plant transplanting and bridge building came to a screeching halt. It was in the 80's one day, and 2 days later the high was 32 with a low in the teens. Not to mention the 8-15 inches of snow that we received on the Front Range. Dennis thought that we received 8 inches, our son, 19 miles from here, got a foot, and I do believe that Greeley just south of us received 15 inches. A lot of the trees still had their leaves, so that held the snow. Which resulted in a lot of tree limbs being overburdened by the heavy snow and limb breakage. The Greeley Tribune reported that over 20% of the trees in Greeley were damaged. Many, many households were without power as limbs broke the power lines. We drove through the small towns of Ault and Eaton, and the streets looked like a war zone. The casualty of tree limbs piled high on their boulevards, awaiting city pick up. A friend of mine from Fargo ND called to see how we were faring, as Fargo does not have any snow on the ground yet.
Well, our trees fared better as they are small. Here is our winter wonderland after the big storm..

Today it is going to be 68 degrees for a high, but then another snow storm is moving through on Wednesday with a high of only 32 and a low of 13, but reportedly we should get less snow. Boy, I sure wish that I would have kept my insulated coveralls when I left Minnesota. One thing that I will say in Colorado's defence is, the weather gets warmer and the snow all melts. It does not hang around all winter until May like it did in MN.

Dennis and Ryan went to Craig/Waldon Colorado to partake in their first ever Elk hunt. They were at 10,000 ft elevation. The winding mountainous roads were icy since the snow storm, and they could only go 10-15 miles per hour in 4 wheel drive. They even slept outside in a tent, and ate their meals from a campfire under the stars. And did other things that the bears do in the woods. The weather that night only got down to 24 degrees so they lucked out, as earlier in the week it was really cold. No Elk were seen, but the camaraderie could not be beat. I was worried about them being bear meat, but Dennis said they were all hibernating. So even though they did not see anything, memories were made, and it was like a scouting mission for next years hunt. And get this, they said they took no pictures. Can you imagine that. So unfortunately, I have no pictures to share.

Happy Halloween and keep all the little tricksters safe. I know that Julie got Lily a cute little bunny outfit. I won't see it on her until later today, so will have to post here picture latter. But, I do have a picture of Brady and his pets all dolled up. Boy, I need to get me some glasses like that!
Also, a picture of Tera and Sister errr ummm, one of her coworkers!

I could not think of anything sneaky to do in the absence of my husband over the hunting weekend, so I got a lot done in the sewing room. Here is my Saturday Sampler quilt that I am quilting. When I am done with that all I need to do is add the binding and a label and I am all set.

Here is my mystery quilt. One more month to go and I should know what the finished quilt will look like.

Also got in a lot of reading for my book club. They chose 3 books this month. Yikes!
The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstein, Between Sundays by Karen Kingsbury(excellent book, had me bawling) and the last book is Dying for Chocolate, by Diane Mott Davidson. A culinary mystery, even has recipes in it.
So that ends the month of October for me.

More later...........................................

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