Sunday, November 27, 2011


Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling that you should have taken it out earlier?? That you did not quite give it enough time???? I did, yet again this Thanksgiving. I had taken our turkey out and put it in the refrigerator on Sunday to thaw til Thursday. When I took it out, there were still ice crystals. Uff'da! Another turkey meal that I have to worry if the other shoe is going to drop the day after Thanksgiving. Luckily, everything turned out OK, and thank you God for meat thermometers. Anyway, we had a good meal and visit with Ryan and his family. Tera was on call, so was unable to come up to share a meal with us, but did spend some time with friends down in Denver for a Thanksgiving meal.

Peeping tom is still strutting his stuff after Thanksgiving!

Ryan and Dennis did start the day off with Pronghorn hunting.
And Ryan got his first Pronghorn ever, so he was really excited about that.
Too much so that he sat down in a patch of cactus, and Julie had to do some plucking to remove some thistles from him.

This is what I woke up to this morning. Almost wanted to go out in my pj's and start singing the Hallelujah chorus. Everytime I see something as beautiful as this, I wonder what the colors would look like made up in a quilt.

Bambee on a sunny day.
the new feeder we built for the sheep family.

I have a few quilts that are waiting to be quilted, so no finished projects in the sewing room today.

Cyber Monday. Better get off and running.

More later...............

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