Monday, November 7, 2011

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I just finished reading the book called "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. A truly excellent book about race differences, the plight of black maids working for white families in the 1960's, just before the Civil Rights Movement, that's it in a nutshell. I was a young gal then, and remember some of the instances in the book, but living way up north(just an hour south of Canada), we only watched it on TV, we did not live it. Anyway, it got me to thinking about regional differences.

The other week I went out to lunch with a few of my friends. We got to talking about cooking. I was telling them about this great recipe that I have for sauerkraut hot dish. One of the gals looked at me and said "What is a hot dish"? What???? Then they brought up the movie "Fargo" and said, "Liz, you sound just like Garrison Keiller from Prairie Home radio at times." Should I take that as a compliment? Having lived most of my life up in Minnesota there are regional differences. While working in Arizona, they said that when I spoke, I would go up at the end of a sentence making it sound like a question mark. Also calling soda pop "pop" instead of "soda" was also a give away. And why can't you get decent potato sausage here in Colorado, like they make up north? Aye?

I passed a pickup with two men in it the other night, and on their dash was a blaze orange hat. I started remembering that up in Minnesota, men dress up in their blaze orange outfits, weeks in advance of hunting season, and for weeks after. There is a sea of blaze orange, in vehicles, on the streets, out shopping.

My friend Linda shared these pictures with me from her visit to Budweiser Anheuser-Busch brewery almost three weeks ago. They offer complimentary tours to help one discover the beer brewing process. Also the beautiful world famous Budweiser Clydesdales west coast team that are in residence there. In the background you can see the beautiful Rocky Mountains in all their splendor.

These are the Anheuser-Busch bushes out front. In actuality, they are geraniums.
Linda said that they are more beautiful in person. but they sure look good in these photos. My geraniums have succumbed to our below freezing temperatures here.

My son and his family live in the little town of Severance. Visitors are greeted by this sign when they come into town. Where the geese fly and the bulls cry. .
True, this part of Colorado has a lot of geese that winter here and are often seen grazing the grassy areas of shopping centers, parks and boulevards. Flying en mass from water and fields into town, blackening the sky at times, the sound of their honking, makes many a goose hunter want to run for their blinds. Across the street from this sign is Bruce's Bar.
They have all you can eat rocky mountain oysters on their menu. Every September they have their annual "nut run" and they don't mean the vegetable kind that grow on plants. So, that is the bulls cry part of the sign. Too funny, and just thought that I would share that.


A neat little carry bag that I made out of left over fabrics. Good for cosmetics when traveling, or to carry sewing notions to classes, or quilt meetings.


Here is a picture of my mother when she was a little girl back in Stephen MN, and the spittin image of my grandma, I might add. Seen here feeding one of her bottle lambs. Regarding our love for animals,I guess that the nut really does not fall far from the tree . And I am not talking about bulls here either. Say, Anyone want to go out to lunch to Bruces????? Or how about sauerkraut pizza! It's the best!

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