Monday, January 9, 2012

farm stuff

Well, anyway, we were running out of bedding straw and ran down to get an 800# bale, from one of the area farmers. For all you non-farm people, here is how it sits in the bed of the pick up, we tie a rope to it, and the other end to a fence post, or something sturdy, and then drive forward with the truck and the bale falls out the end of the truck, hopefully on our well placed pallets. If we misjudge, we can always push it with the truck.
While Dennis was getting this set up, I took some extra pictures. Today is in the 40's here, with no clouds, bright, sunny, warm and most importantly of all, no WIND!

We finally broke down and purchased storage shelves for our milk room. We were going to initially make them, but with all the stuff that we have to do around here, just never got to it. These are a lot nicer though, than anything we would have made. So, one wintry, blustery day we finally got them up and neatened up the milk room. It is a small area off of the back of our hay shed. You can see the milk stand to the left of the area.

Oop is our next ewe to lamb, due in March. Getting bigger.
Holly is two weeks old today, and is growing fast with no other lambs competing at the udder. Here is me and Holly, her mother Ali is just below us. We have an ID tag in her right ear. My vet told me that all livestock's right ear belongs to the government. I guess they need their percentage of everything.

One of my friends is working on two quilts. Here is a sneak preview of them. One is waiting to be hand quilted, the other is done. She does all her quilting by hand. Gee, I may have to start a new quilt. She really does beautiful work.

I have not done much sewing lately other than the upcycled mittens and slippers that I have been making. I read 4 books in December, I guess just catching up on the outside world and making up for all the time that I did not have time to read. I have so much to accomplish the last half century of my life! Uff'Da!
I also started the dreaded elliptical again. Wonder how long that New Year's resolution will last.
The meadowlarks are back again, singing their song. Now the old Scandinavian one has brought a few of his friends with him. Wish I could bottle that up for a rainy day. It brings back so many memories of my Grandparents farm and living up north in Minnesota.

More later...................................

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