Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter and new lamb

We had a wonderful Easter with the children. Tera gave me the above flowers, so very beautiful, I am looking at them right now.
We did not have any baby animals on the farm, but our youngest ewe Angel gave birth the next day to a tan colored ewe lamb with a white spot on her head. I just yesterday tagged her her. She is #04, but I felt that she deserves a name, so decided to name her Easter. Since she was born on Easter Monday.
Here is a picture of the mom and new baby.

Sewing Room
The weather has been windy here of late, no precipitation to speak of, but the rest of Colorado is getting moisture. So what better thing to do than sew and read, right?
I just finished place mats that I made for myself and Tera. Mine is the lighter one, Tera's is the darker one. I made four of each pattern.
I also knit a hat with ear flaps, for those not so nice days in Colorado, of which there seem to be many. The pattern said, make the hat tonight and wear it on the slopes tomorrow. Well, I started it last night and did finish it today. It was made with super bulky yarn and did go very fast.
Here is a picture of me hamming it up with my new hat.
Speaking of which, there was this gal in Arizona who ran a fiber shop, with all her homespun yarns. She said she could tell what color yarns folks would buy, by what colors they were wearing. She was usually right on. So do I like these colors??? Ya think!!!!!

Did not get much reading done today, but the Sunday paper.
More later..........................................................

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