Monday, April 2, 2012

No docking, no shearing and parasite resistant!

We can only hope so anyway. The no docking or shearing is one of the reasons that we first purchased our Registered Katahdin hair sheep. All three of our ewes are due in the next 2-4 weeks. They have started the process of shedding as you can see in the pictures below. The hair clumps are picked up by nesting birds to line their nests.
Our entire flock of Katahdin Hair sheep. The ram is in the back.

The ewe in the front is Lucy and she will be the first to give birth. You can see that she is losing the hair on her neck and chest first. They rub themselves to get clumps of hair off, the cattle panels are a favored rubbing site. I should really find a large tree trunk, with bark still on, and lay it horizontal in their pasture for a rubbing place.

We were in the 86 degree range on Friday, with 80's on Saturday and Sunday. I don't care for this type of weather. You have to have several changes of clothes, as the day wears on. Long pants and parka in the morning, because it usually starts off cold, then shorts and tee shirt in the afternoon. I even washed my winter barn coat this weekend and put it in storage. Now wouldn't you know it, it is cold this AM with icy wind, and only in the 40's. The wind chill is what makes it unbearable.
Even with the ups and downs in the weather, my front flower bed is in full bloom, all of these are bulbs. The previous home owner had planted these.
This weekend we were able to get a few started projects, finished. All the flowers have been transplanted into the front flower beds. As for the bridge over the ponds, we put new caps on the posts that are solar powered and look really nice at night. I have been perusing the Internet for pumps for the ponds. So should have a small fountain up and running when I find the right pump(cost effective). I fed the fish the last two days, but no one came up to eat. Come to think of it, I have not seen the 3 koi since last fall. I read that fish should not be fed in the winter, since they go into semi hibernation when the pond temp is below 55 degrees. Our pond temp was 54 degrees yesterday. Hope they survived the winter. We did keep a tank heater on, so the surface never completely froze over.

Here is Dennis putting up the last two sections of post and rail fence that we had left over.
14 year old Casey enjoying the warm sunny days we had this weekend.

This is yet another baby quilt that I am making. This baby is going to be very, very special to Dennis and I. She is going to be our second granddaughter, from Ryan and Julie. Julie is scheduled for a C-section on April 25Th at 12noon. I almost have the quilt finished, just need to do more quilting on it, make a label,and finish up the binding.

So what is the best thing to do on a cold blustery day? You guessed it, the sewing room! I have 4 place mats, and a quilt block to make before my quilt club meets on the 3rd Tuesday this month. Also a good book that I am reading that was chosen by our book club, titled The Devil In the White City written by Erik Larson. Hope I do not have nightmares after reading this.

More later....................................................................

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