Tuesday, June 5, 2012

family gatherings, and June

Well, not all June, some from the end of May. Starting off we have had record breaking temps in the 90's for June thus far. Memorial Day was spent with Ryans family, the previous day we spent with Tera and Brady celebrating Tera's birthday down in Denver. Here is a table runner that I made for Tera.The animal print to the border really made this runner "pop"! Here is Grandma holding little Kaitlin. She is not too happy at the moment, but I am beaming! But Lily was her usual jovial self!Here she is showing me a toy . BARN DOINGS I am still milking my 4 Nubians does going on 13 months now. I have all this extra milk so acquired two little boer cross goats to bottle. Dangerous I know. Have not named them, but they are so cute. And a good use for the extra milk. A new use for baling twine? Living out in the country and feeding ruminants, we have a wealth of baling twine off of all the hay that we feed. We had left this twine up in the sheep shelter, where we had a heat lamp hanging this winter. Well the industrialous barn swallows decided that it would be a perfect place to set up housekeeping. Here is a picture of their nest being held up with just baling twine and a thin strand of wire. So, I went on Google and looked up how to make barn swallow nests, and built a few platforms for them in the remaining two shelters. So far no one has used them. We just love the antics of the barn swallows. Their diving and dipping into the ponds for water is truly entertaining for us. With all the warmer than normal weather that we have been enjoying this early in June, I have an algae bloom in my pond. The pond is worth its weight in gold however, with all the birds that it attracts. I get a close up view of those Meadowlarks. My pond mentor reassures me that once the water lilies get bigger, it will shade the pond and there will be less algae.The plants in the black ring are water hyacinths, they also help in algae control by picking up the nutrients with their roots. We are looking foward to the wool festival in Estes Park this coming weekend. Then my Alaskan cruise the 16th of June. Alaska is somewhat similar to Colorado in weather, you really don't know if you should dress for summer or winter, so need to take along clothes to cover you for both. Packing in a carry on will pose to be a challange. Otherwise, just doing stuff around the farm, and keeping up with my library group. The last book I read was "Back Roads" by Tawni O'dell. Yikes, dysfunction and mental illness in that family. I am still not liking the new blog format, I stll can't figure out where spell check is, so bear with me all the words that are spelled incorrectly, and my paragraphs don't seem to stay. More later..............................................................................

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