Monday, June 11, 2012

High Park fire, Colorado

Just an update on the fire near Fort Collins. It is now burning 36,900 acres, all uncontained. The only fall out that we are having is the air is all smoky and we are getting the ash fall out. Here is a picture at 6pm overlooking our livestock shelters. It is a sunny day, but the sun is orange behind all the smoke, and it is dark and gloomy. These pictures I took on June 14TH overlooking the town of Nunn. While doing chores this morning, I found some ash that had blown into the barn from the winds. I used my index finger for scale. We are 25miles northeast of Fort Collins, so this ash traveled far. Someone emailed me and they had this saying attached to their email, which I thought was appropriate. "In God We Trust" but NOT a single politician! More later...........................................................


  1. Hope they get the fire under control soon, also the one in New Mexico. News did show Horses, Alpacas and Sheep that were at a shelter due to one of the fires. If large chunks of ash can travel that far there is always the need to make sure nothing ignites in new areas. Stay safe.

  2. I was thinking of you (even thought I don't know you) but knew you were in Colorado and wondered if the fire was near you. We lived in Nevada when a bad fire went up the mountain toward Tahoe, we lived in Carson City. The tankers went over our house for days and we saw the sky dark but nearly as bad as yours. My thoughts are with you and hope they get this out very soon!