Monday, July 30, 2012

AGDA, and fair time!!!!

Well Dennis and I started out our July by attending the National Dairy Goat show here in Loveland Colorado.  This is an annual event, with the best of the best goats being showed.  It is held at a different location every year, and we were lucky enough to be able to attend it in our own back yard so to speak.  The black and white banded doe in the front of the picture ended up being the best Nubian, which is my favorite goat.

This is a picture of a boy feeding his Jr Doe .  A tender moment between man and animal.

Also starting last weekend was the annual Weld County fair.  The fair is getting smaller each year, which is really too bad, but we had a great time never the less.

These are Boer goats, they are bred primarily for meat.  Not like the graceful dairy Nubians.
The highlight of the fair for me, was watching these kids, running around and playing with their goat kids. All of them were having a great time.
And of course, I had to take pictures of all the quilt exhibits.  These were down from last year also.
This is what well dressed sheep are wearing to the fair.

My lilies in my pond are looking better despite our record breaking high temps that we have been having all summer.

I have been listening to the audio book by Jodie Picoult titled "Lone Wolf". It is a fascinating story, and I learned so much about wolves. Of course there is an ethical theme to her novel. But do listen to it on audio book, it will be worth your while. As I listened, I got allot done in my sewing room. I took all my scraps and put together this baby quilt. I don't have anyone in mind yet for the quilt, but I am sure it will find a good home.
I also did another table runner for the wild at heart. 
Knit up a few hats, what better time to do this as when it is 90+ degrees outside. Got to get ready for winter, don't ya know!  I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but the hat is perched atop a dishcloth that I knit.  When Julie's mother was here after the baby was born, she gave me a really easy pattern for these.  I have been knitting them up at least one per week.  They are addicting when I am watching TV.
Well, enough for now.  July was busy for us, as the summer usually is.  We just unloaded 20000 # of alfafla, yes that was not a typo, that is 10 tons.  My brother asked me if we had any tools to help us unload, and my responce to him was "Yes we do.  Our hands and our backs!"  But we both decided that this will be the last year we do this, next year we will hire someone to do this.

A sunflower from our garden.More later......................................................................................................................................

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