Sunday, August 19, 2012

fair again!

We ended up attending the Larimer County fair again this year. Dennis was also asked by the 4H club to be the pigeon judge, he ended up judging 45 pigeons of differing breeds.
 Beautiful quilts galore, got me really motivated, probably a bad thing.

Dennis also wanted to attend as they were having a beer festival.  No, we did not drink beer, instead we went and talked to the participants about the art of brewing.  Dennis has started a new hobby.
these are hops which act as a preservative in beer making and give it a tart taste. 

The plant arrangements were just gorgeous around the well tended grounds.

Aside from fair going, we have been busy tending to the animals, the garden, and weekly watering of the trees. Three times per week we go into town and babysit our little grandchildren for a few hours.
And the never ending sewing of quilts and things, knitting and reading my books for book club.
Things that make the world go around I guess, and give one a reason to get up in the morning!

More later...........................................................

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