Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My new Dazzle, painting, and dogs.

All righty then.  Where should I began.  Once again a very busy summer at the Radi ranch.  With record numbers of days over 90 degrees, and record amounts of rain, we have been trying to keep up with our "to-do" list.  We had started painting the house in May, and guess what, we are still painting the house.  We did have to take some time off for the above reasons, but are in the full swing of painting now, and hope to get done before fall is over.  Really do not want to have house painting on our minds all winter.  Here is our painting in progress.  We went for a darker tan color, and an off white trim, and painting the peaks a sage green color.  Keeping with the color of the high plains desert where we live. 

I painted all that I can get to with a ladder, now Dennis is perched precariously, painting what he can reach.  We do have a "man lift" lined up that we can rent for the higher peaks.  The garage is totally done, as are the east and west sides of the house.  All that is left is the front and back of the house peaks. 

I acquired a little black and tan silver dapple dachshund the first part of September by the name of Dazzle.  She is going to be 5 in November and is just the most delightful little dog to have around. She has really added some life back into our empty nesters home.   She goes everywhere with us, has been Walmart shopping several times, Home Depot and of course babysitting at the Grandchildrens house.  All the other dogs like her also.  Her favorite is Bear however.  The two of them can really get each other barking, when something is amiss around the property. They really get each other going, and support each other.  It is a sight to see with this huge Livestock Guard Dog running up to the fence, being shadowed by a little 10# wiener dog!
Dazzle always has her nose to the ground, looking for an adventure.  I think she really loves being a farm dog.  She stays away from the guineas, and is mindful of most of the livestock.  But is still learning the things to watch out for on a farm.
Bear had his day with the mobile dog groomer.  This is his second time out here.  Does a really nice job on Bear.  The only trouble that we have is getting Bear into his mobile unit. It usually takes Dennis and I begging, pleading, and oh yes, pulling. It is an athletic event none the less, and we have to keep the door open once he is in.  The groomer, Les,  can also wash, and blow dry dogs in there, has an AC unit also, does nails, ears,  and cleans out hair between toes, which Bear has trouble with snow balls collecting there..  I appreciate Les's patience with Bear, and he always loves him up after.
Bear is always grateful for the grooming, and is especially happy to get out of the trailer when finished, but he is a patient good dog during the administrations of the groomer.
The raspberries have been in full production for about a month now.  We are having to pick every 2-3 days, and get allot of berries.  We have two 40 foot rows of June bearers, fall bearers, red, and yellow raspberries. I have to dodge yellow jackets and honey bees while picking as they love the ripened fruit also.  I have not been stung yet, but Dennis was  while he was giving me a tutorial on the correct way to get all the berries off the bush.  I am more careful where I place my fingers when looking under the bush. The yellow jackets particularly are just sitting on the leaves, waiting for the sun to warm them up.  I try to get out in the early morning before it gets too warm.
 I think it is time for me to check with my friend Janelle for her raspberry liqueur recipe.  I made this once before whilst living in Minnesota.  So nice for Thanksgiving or Christmas to share with family.  If it can last that long that is!
The fruits of my labor from this morning.
Alas, not much time spent in the sewing room, or time to read for that matter, but will update you on those areas with my next writing. Also, it is predicted that we may get snow on Thursday night, then there will be more time indoors to do my "girlie" things that I so love to do.
More later.........................................................................................................................

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