Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall 2013, Sewing, and books!

5 days ago I took some pictures of my garden flowers and plants.  This first one is of a hollyhock bush.  It is a perennial.
Currants turning fall colors.
This is what my garden looks like today.  We had 6 inches of snow during the night, but with highs predicted to reach 48-50 degrees today, the snow won't last long.  Just long enough to make morning chores more cumbersome.  The sun is out now and shining with all its glory.
The young guineas still perched, not yet daring to walk in the white stuff.
Well, with the change of weather, I guess that we will be dreaming of finishing the painting of the house all winter long.  We were so close to finishing it too!  Hopefully we will have Indian summer coming like we used to have in Minnesota, usually this happens the end of October.  We can only hope. 
This is the new quilt that I have been working on for almost a year now with my quilt club.  All I have left now is  to add borders.  Have not decided if I will go for brown or red borders.
I have also been working on crocheting a little girl, or two, ponchos.  With help from my friend Sue, since I have not crocheted for about 30 years.  But I guess it is like riding a bike.  You never really forget.
The circle in the middle will be single crocheted at the end to form the neck band, I have not done this part yet.  Also, there will be a ruffled trim on the edges.  Hope mine turn out as nice as Sues.  I had to take it out 3 times already.
Oh my gosh!  I just read a book about the history of diamonds, rings for that matter.  The book chosen by my book club titled, "The Engagements"  written by  J. Courtney Sullivan, 4 stars on Amazon.    I was really skeptical about reading this book, but I am glad that I stuck with it.  All the lives were intertwined at the end, and the history of the diamond trade was very interesting. According to the author, the most famous add of all time is "Diamonds are forever" and she tells how this add line came about. If you can stick with this book, you won't be sorry.
 My reading list is getting so long, I don't know when I am going to be able to read all the books that I want to.  So  many talented writers on this planet.  My friend Debbie is writing her first book, can't wait to get my hands on that one.
My raspberry liqueur all set up. In a few weeks, sugar is added, and  it will take 3 months after this stage before it is ready.  Maybe for Easter.
My little Dazzle enjoying her winter day by basking in a little sliver of sunlight.
Honey sauce????? Really????? read the ingredients.  This is not like the honey we are used to.  I wonder if this is the result of demise of the honey bees, from farm chemicals or what ever.
  7% honey is added to this.  I need to plant more flowers, and bee habit!

Oh well, more later......................................................................................................................
                                                  cat nip on a warm fall day.


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  1. Wow Liz! You had such a gorgeous garden! Don't envy you the snow though! It is in the 40s at night here but dry as a bone. Only 7% humidity! Thanks for the plug on my book! I did start working again. Also doing research on my family ancestry, fascinating. Better book fodder!