Saturday, January 23, 2010

first day

As I scurry out of bed on this January morning I rush to our kitchen window, and look at our outside thermometer, oh shucks! We have to do chores again on this yet again, below freezing day. Well, hopefully there will be no wind to further chill us, but living on the prairie with nary a full grown tree, the chances aren't that good. Since we have moved to Colorado the end of July we have had 5 days below zero, with 20below being the coldest, and that was not including the wind chill. Seems like I have not warmed up since winter arrived.
My goats are all waiting impatiently for me to start milking. I am only milking 2 out of my 4 as the 2 youngest are, well, too young yet and have not been bred. We only breed our does every other year, as milk is our motivator, not how many kids we can bring into this world. Coco my oldest, is acting like she is in heat again, and will have her milk down somewhat. Goats come into heat every 21 days, we also live downwind from a Boer goat breeder(meat goats) and he has a few bucks, and the girls just love the smell of them, so they come into season regularly.
The alpacas all slept outside as evidenced of frost on their backs. They do love Colorado weather vs Arizona. They are looking lovingly at all the pasture we have(34 acres) and can't wait for it to green up. We only have 7 acres fenced in however.
It is so cold and damp today with the wind picking up, but a good thing is the sun is shining so hopefully will warm up to 40 degrees or so. My sinuses start draining out here in the cold, and me unprepared, have no kleenix on board, so have to do what the farmers do, gee I hate that!
I told Dennis, my husband, that I am starting my blog today, and I have been thinking of this for months, also told him he better watch what he says and does, because he will undoubtedly be one of its main characters, along with my 4 legged friends.
Still no job, but the hunt is on. Idle hands are the devils workshop, so I have joined a quilt group, and was also invited to join the Red Hats, and have signed up for 2 quilt classes, and also joined a spinning/weaving group. With me being home most of the time, Dennis is quite frisky, (I have got to get out more) the buck smell must be getting to him also. On that note and while you are pondering will close, I plan to write in my blog at least 2-3 times per week. Aloha!

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