Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 1/25

Monday morning and the horrific winds have finally subsided. The sun is shining and the clouds are few. You can see Longs Peak off in the distance and snow capped. It is in the 30's again this am. As we were coming home from town yesterday, there was a cloud of dust obstructing the vision on the road, but not as bad as it was in Arizona's dust storms. We saw the movie "The Book of Eli" the jury is still out on that one.

Here is a picture of Dennis, no doubt getting irritated with me for taking his picture yet again, he is sitting outside watching his pigeons take to flight, everyone here is joyous with the winds gone. The weather is never"cold" to Dennis, just "cool" he says, oh brother!

Of course, if Dennis picture has to be taken, Bear wants his taken also. I guess that cameras and dogs go together, as do goats love having their pictures taken. I had to hold Bear at arms length or his nose is right up on the lens. WHo is cuter????
Speaking of movies, Dennis and I recently went to the movie "Avatar". It was truly awesome and spiritual, we saw the 3D version, definately worth the extra money. It was our first 3D movie. I told my parents to go see this movie, as they have not seen a 3D movie for at least 50 years. Well they thought it was awesome also, said that things have sure changed in 50 years. So it got my Mom and me talking about the good old days, when I learned to type on a typewriter with a ribbon no less, and our first TV was a black and white Zenith that could spin around. Things have sure changed fast. Here is a picture of me with the 3D glasses on, scary huh! just think of seeing a whole movie theater filled with people with these glasses on. At least it draws your eye away from the grey hair! hehehehe
On my final note, Rock Star was just begging to have his picture taken today also. He is my up and coming junior herdsire, he is geige, or light fawn colored and has extremely fine crimpy dense fleece. He is out of my female Roxie.
My next writing will be all about my quilting adventure, stayed tuned.

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