Saturday, July 31, 2010

fishing, water line, new kids

Last Sunday we took some time off from our trench work and went up to Red Feather Lakes to do some trout fishing. As you can see there was breath taking scenery up there. As always, I was dressed to the nines! HEHEHE.
Dennis spent quite a bit of his time untangling my line. Wish I could go back to the old Zebco's, I never seemed to have much trouble with them.
Ryan caught 2 fish, here is one of them, it is a brown trout;

I caught two, and Dennis caught one, but let it go, or rather, it got away from him after he got it off the hook. But much fun was had by us.

We did a small amount by hand to fill it, but our neighbor came with his back hoe and filled it in for us. Bless his heart! But unfortunately he backed over our well casing, necessitating us calling an electrician for severed wires, and me having to scout around for another well cap.
This happened Monday, the electrician came out and repaired the wires, but said that he needed an electrical box, and would be back on Tuesday. Well here it is Saturday, and I am still waiting for that electrician to come out. In the mean time, we have the open well covered with duct taped bags, a heavy plastic barrel, and a pallet on top of that.

We got our two new Nubian bucks. They are so sweet. I had them in the back of the Blazer and was unloading them from the large dog kennel that they were in.I decided to take Timmie out first as he was the lighter of the two, since I needed to jump over trenches to get them to their pen. It went without a hitch. As I was taking Chester out, I turned around and here was Timmie, he had got out of the pen to follow me, he had traversed one trench, escaping falling into the 5 foot hole, and was surrounded by two large livestock guardian dogs, that were just loving him up. You got to love them dogs.
Here are my two dogs, looking longingly at the two new little babies.

Timmie and Chester safe in their new pen. Chester is the one with the white band around his belly. Timmie looks brown, but is really a black goat, but just sunburned.

Minnesota here I come. I am going back to my roots for a family wedding. My Mom, Dad and I are driving up, wonder if we will have an adventure like Thelma and Louise? Then I will be flying back. My aunt and uncle are up there now as they summer there to get away from the heat of the Arizona desert. They are coming to AZ early however, as they say MN has been so humid, and the mosquitoes are as big as road runners. Should be an adventure for sure!
More later.............

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