Friday, May 14, 2010

Mothers Day, It's Official! Baby Chicks

Happy Belated Mothers Day! We spent our Sunday constructing a garden gate made out of cedar. Ah, spring was in the air, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing, and nary a breeze to cool us off. The sounds of spring were all around us, there is nothing like the sound of a husband and wife, working together, with both different ideas of how to construct this gate. The gate should weather to a gray color.

When all was said and done, Dennis took me out to Nunn cafe for dinner. We did not want to go too far, as Lulu is still in her Elizabethan collar, and we did not want her home alone too long.

Dennis being the "task" oriented person he is, wanted to get the compost pile moved into the garden before the big storm hits on Tuesday.

The dogs always want to get in on the fun, especially when it involves manure! Lulu is seen here with her collar, she is very good at maneuvering with it on, and can do just about everything, except play doctor and remove her staples!

And dumping into the garden to be used for mulch between the rows.

Well it is official! Ryan came over on Monday and put in our last 5 fence posts. We are so overjoyed, doesn't take much to get us going. It was a cold blustery cloudy day, I was unable to go out and take pictures as I was inside taking care of my granddaughter.
I was going to write this blog earlier this week, but we had a spring snow storm on Tuesday, going into Tuesday night and on into Wednesday. Wednesday morning, we awoke to a blanket of snow, and freezing to boot. Our power had went off at midnight, and we did not get it restored again until the next morning until 11am.

We received our new chicks in the mail today. They are an assortment of utility breed chicks, meaning egg layers/meat breeds. So they will be large. We have figured out that we probably have leghorns, barred rocks, production reds, and sexlink red and golds, and I hope a Buff Orpington or two. We also bought 8 Bourbon Red Turkeys. We have never had turkeys before, so the jury is still out on that one. We could not pick them up from the post office today until noon, as our power was out again. It was out until 3pm, so we needed to keep them in their shipping box, so they would not chill.

You can see here the turkey baby. They have a little thingy on the bridge of their nose. The turkey is in the center of the picture. If you left click on the picture, you will see the little thing on its nose.

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