Friday, May 21, 2010

Ode to Pronghorn!

This is short, but here goes........
It is 6am, all are asleep. The winds, even THEY are slumbering this time of the morning, summoning up the power to ravage the plains, for the remainder of the day, sucking the life out of us, a little bit at a time. The livestock guardian dog, stretched out on his side, only a flicker of an ear, gives away that he is indeed alive, and dreaming of the coyotes that pillaged his property during the night, is oblivious to what is going on behind him in the back 30 acres. As stealthily, a lone Pronghorn buck slowly grazes his way through his territory. Out my window I can see the one lone Pronghorn antelope buck, majestically lifting his nose to test the air currents.....then lowering his head, tufts of grass cling to his antlers, black as coal, and ramrod straight as if paying homage to the powers above, as he rubs his scent glands on the grasses of the prairie, sending out his invitation to all available females, and a warning to other lone bucks. His scent glands are like his physical to the world, giving his testimony to others of his kind, his age, his health, any vulnerabilities he may have. His tiny tail switches occasionally at unforeseen pests,as he walks off munching some of the delectable lush spring grasses, getting fat, the building up for his stamina, for the fall rut, so he can claim a harem of his own, come breeding season.
Last year, this buck would show up on our property with 15 females, ever attentive, and watchful, then 1 by 1 his harem dwindled to only a few. Then only he was left. No doubt his harem was won over by a stronger/younger male, or they no longer needed his services, his purpose for being was fulfilled. Ensuring in nature that the survival of the fittest genes get passed on to the next generation.

We occasionally see small groups of bucks this time of year. We have been keeping lookout for the baby antelope as no doubt they are already born. East of our place just a short distance away, we can see tons of antelope, living the antelope life. And of course the herds that come through the back of our property. They seem to be particularly interested in our 4 female goats. Dennis says that they are sometimes called "speed goats" I think he called them.
Just wanted to show you a picture of two, and what I think about when I see the mystical creatures, and to share our land with them.
As always, if you left click on the picture, it will enlarge the picture.
More later.........

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