Friday, July 23, 2010

Christmas in July? baby goats, man overboard!

The dust has finally settled, the earth no longer is shaking and quivering, the scent of diesel fuel assaulting our olfactory has abated.. Our yard looks like a scene from a battle, with fox trenches all over.

Yes, it is Christmas in July, for Dennis and I that is. We are getting water to our sheds and garden. No more aching from carrying water buckets. Well, we still have to carry some, but not as far. We will just hook up the hoses, and off we go. Dennis did the trenching, thanks to the equipment loan from one of our neighbors.
It took him all day, but he did a good job. I have been worrying about the dogs falling in and breaking a leg, but so far so good. They had a great time playing all night in the freshly dug soil. I told our neighbor, we need to get this done fast before the dogs fill in all the trench. The trench had to be 5 feet deep for the water line, under the frost line. That should be an indicator of how cold it can get here. We are also laying down electrical in the trench, but at only 2 feet deep, we will be able to have heated water buckets this winter. No more chipping at the ice. The sad thing about all this excavating was not one earth worm was uncovered. We need more compost in our soil.
The fellow is coming tonight, Saturday to lay the pipe, so we should be able to start filling in the trench.

We got our new baby goats today. They are way too small, and were weaned too young in my opinion. I think I will see if they will still take the bottle after tonight's milking. Poor little things have been through so much. Well anyway, one is named Chester, and we have not come up with a name for the other little one. He is so tiny, I may just call him Ty-nee Tim! Timmy for short.

The turkeys are growing nicely, with faces only another turkey would love.

News flash, the plumber did show up on Saturday evening, it is official, we now have water outside! It did not come without its hair raising adventure at some point.
Have you ever said"I have not been sick in months, or I never get colds" And then you jinxed yourself and you get a doozy of a cold? Well, I said the dogs had not fallen in the trench. Boy, did I do it to myself. We have had a pallet across the "y" intersection of the trench. Dennis removed it to start filling the trench after the water line was in place. Bear heard the alpacas alarm and was off and running, he was going to traverse the pallet but it was gone and down the hole he went. I watched in terror as his head was the last to go in. He was not hurt thankfully, but was getting panic stricken as he was walking backward in the trench. I told Dennis I was going to go down and get him, but he did not want me in there so he went in. He got a leash on Bear, and lead him out. We had to add dirt in the "y" spot as a kind of step ladder to get him out. Now, I have been watching these dogs for a few days now, crossing this trench at full speed run, and leisurely. Poor Bear. He got some good loving up when he was back on top. None the worse for wear at his up close and personal look at his future final resting place!

We are taking the day off and going fishing with our son, Ryan.
More later...........

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  1. There surely is never a dull moment out there! I know how excited and happy you must be to have water and electric supplied around the acreage. Life will be good this winter. It is always great to see what you've been doing.