Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Knee high by the fourth of July!

Head study of Dosedo. Purebred registered Nubian goat. What a beauty! Had to at least get one animal in here.

I guess that our corn is knee high by the fourth of July. We are finding Colorado to be more humid than we had thought. But still it has not been as hot and humid as Arizona in the monsoon.
Delectable kohlrabi

watermelon and corn

More garden shots. Purple cone flower.



While walking my granddaughter in her neighborhood in town, I stopped along the way to take pictures of some of the beautiful Colorado landscaping.

We had a strange visit yesterday, from Geokinetics USA, Inc. They wanted us to sign a permit giving them permission to do a seismographic survey on our land. I asked"What if we don't want this survey?" the fellow then said that the sheriff would get involved. What do you make of that. Do I smell a rat? Well anyway, here are the first few sentences of the permit.

Geokinetics and/or its assigns hereby requests your permission to conduct a seismographic survey, including the right to ingress and egress for such purposes, across your land in Weld County(and then goes on to give our legal description)
This permit shall include any surface or mineral interests you own within this seismic survey, including but not limited to, the surface interests described above.

I mean, for Pete's sake, why do they need us to give signed permission, when they are going to force us to do it anyway????
I'll let you know how life is in the crow bar hotel.
More later...........

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