Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st snow(well one of them)

This is what we woke up to this AM. 34degrees outside, but very beautiful, but desolate at the same time. This is looking toward the town of Nunn. Dennis said that the weather man said that Fargo ND and Crookston, MN our hometown are supposed to be warmer than we are here in Co. But it is supposed to get up in the 50's by Tuesday. There was ice on the water buckets, Dennis said it is too early to get out the heated water buckets. WHAT?????!!!!!
Bear stopped dead in his tracks this morning as he came to greet me. He did not know if I was friend or foe with all my extra clothing on.

You could almost hear a pin drop outside, except for the goofy white Guinea male, perched atop the chicken coop, sounding off, at who knows what. But I thought that he looked particularly handsome with this background. It is hard to tell where the horizon starts when looking out on the prairie.

Marble, snug and warm in her little hut. She has a very thick winter coat, and is supposed to shed it come spring. Always greets me with a "maaa" begging for her scratching. Still have not found a little companion for her.

My three remaining turkeys. One tom and 2 hens. I may not be able to keep the male, as the chickens have been plucking out his tail feathers when he fans his tail. So sad, such a majestic bird, but short on brain cells. His only fault is that he is docile, and puts up with it.

We erected a lean to shelter for our two little buckling's. They are enjoying there new digs, and are closer to the females. I have not yet painted it, so it looks a little rough right now.

LuLu says "What the heck" snow again? Both the dogs love the snow, and can be seen rough housing in it by the light of the moon.

Ahhh, a day inside. Lets start quilting!!!!
More later..................................

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