Friday, November 5, 2010

When the cat's away, BOOOOO!, sewing room

When the cat is away the mice will cook????
Our daughter in law went to an out of town wedding the last weekend of October, and Ryan and Lili came and spent a day with us. Ryan cooked us a delicious seafood meal, the likes of which we have not been treated so special before, except maybe at an expensive restaurant. It is pictured below,
of course Dennis had to sample the wares before I had my picture. Ryan made fresh shrimp with Cajun seasoning and garlic cooked in butter, butterflied rainbow trout, wild caught that he and Dennis had caught the prior weekend at Cache La Poudre, up by the continental divide. Our garden new red potatoes, green beans, and for desert, pumpkin pie with gingersnap crust, and the pumpkin was not out of the can. And little Lili enjoyed her jar of organic baby food. Yummy!

I know Halloween is over, but here goes. We had a very memorable one, spent at Ryan and Julies home. Julie had purchased enough pumpkins for each of us to carve one. I have not done this in years, since my children were small, but it was great fun. Here is a picture of the family doing the carving.We were out on the deck on a beautiful fall day. Tera and Brady, Dennis and Lili, Ryan and me, and Jen, Julie's sister. Julie was the camera man that day.

Ryan treated us to supper that evening also. He made barbecue ribs, chicken wings, and sausage, baked beans,and corn.
Here is a picture of our little bat girl in flight,
and Lili with Dennis and I.

You will note some of the pumpkins that we carved.
Speaking of Halloween, my sister in New Ulm, Mn had 1100 trick or treaters(sure would not want her candy bill) my mom and dad in Tucson, AZ had 25, and we had none, the same as last year.

Here is my almost completed, but set up sewing room with the painted floor that I did.
I also made a fiber studio just adjacent to this. Set up with my two weaving looms, just waiting to be warped and a project started, hopefully when outside work is finished. But still have not painted that floor yet. The weather is supposed to be in the upper 70's here this weekend, so hopefully will get that project started.

This is a quilt that I am working on for my Saturday Sampler quilt club.
It is just the center pictured, I have all the blocks done, just have to assemble them, and add borders and quilt it. I have until March to complete this project.

My sweater is still a work in progress. It is turning out way too large, I will probably look like a line backer in it.
Oh well, should keep me warm, and I can always shrink it down. It is hard to knit with homespun yarn, as it varies in consistancy.

I came into some money, who-hoo. Not alot, but enough to purchase drapes for my living room. They are triple lined and room darkening, energy savers. Can you believe that when we purchased this house over a year ago, there was not one curtain up, anywhere. Just office looking blinds.

More later....................................

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