Monday, November 22, 2010

road trip, new sheep!, athletes

We woke today to a fresh blanket of snow, and even better than that the SUN!!!!! We put out the heated water buckets last night, good thing as it was 27 degrees this am. It has been cloudy here for over a week--or I may just be exaggerating but it seems like a long time, for this sun lover anyway. I was beginning to feel like I was back up in the tundra region of northern Minnesota--where there is cloudiness for days and weeks on end. Only a reprieve when the wind starts blowing and blows the clouds away, but then you have the wind chill to contend with.

Dennis and I travelled to Loveland, CO, near the Devils Backbone area to look at some sheep for a companion for Marble.
It was de ja vu as we saw a house that we had considered purchasing 1 1/2 years ago on one of our house hunting trips. The setting was gorgeous in the foot hills of the Rockies, but, only 5 acres and crowded. Plus the house needed an enormous amount of work to be inhabited. Probably a lot more storms and precipitation snow included. Well anyway, the sheep farmer lived right across the street from this house we looked at.
We ended up purchasing 2 sheep from him, about the size of Marble. When we first let them out of the kennel, Marble turned tail and ran. She did not know what to think of these strangers in her midst. But after a few minutes, they were following her around like a bunch of groupies.

So no more loneliness for my little Katahdin hair sheep. I could almost see the smile and peace on her face as I did chores this morning. We have not named the newcomers yet. Will have to wait and see what their personalities dictate. The black ewe has an "A" on one of her sides however, so there is some hint of what her name will start with.
We also had a second road trip that day. A new Nubian goat breeder lives by us, only 4 miles up the road. She was gracious enough to let us come and visit with her herd. She has some amazing milkers, giving 2 gallons per day no less! Now I really understand what the "poor mans cow" is all about. My goats aren't quite that good, but I will keep them. Always nice to meet new breeders and network and help each other out.

I laid awake all night Saturday night thinking of athletes. I have never been one with physical prowess, or have the need to compete physically. And have really never been jacked up by athletes performances. But this athlete is outstanding, if you just stop and think of his accomplishments. No team to back him up, just raw talent and the love of running. You see, my red hat friends and I went to a movie about one of the greatest athletes of all time. I was so touched by this film that I had to mention it. I still get tingles and choked up when I think of the greatness of this athlete. The athlete is Secretariat! The American Thoroughbred race horse who won the Triple Crown in 1973. That was the year that I graduated from HS and was only 18 at the time. I remember hearing of him, but did not take much interest, as my thoughts were on boys and my future, probably in that order. The Triple Crown is made up of three races, the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes. These three races are all within 5 weeks time. Secretariat broke the record for the Kentucky Derby and I believe that it still stands, but the Belmont, he won by an amazing 31 lengths. 31 Lengths! I had to do some research into what his stud fee would have been etc, he serviced 58-60 mares a year, earning $125,000 per breeding and sired 653 foals in his lifetime. None were triple crown winners. He died on Oct 4, 1989. A great horse. A greater athlete.
I have always been a horse lover, and wanted them so bad all my life. But, by the time we were able to afford to buy land out in the country, I was too old and brittle of bone to get one. However, is there a miniature Big Red in my future??? We will see.

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