Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friends, anniversary, veterans and our first snow,

My friend, Linda, and I attended an auction this am. She had $8900 to spend, and I only had a measly $4100. After she bought what she had her eye on, she handed me $1000 of her leftover $$$. Now how is that for friendship. Unfortunately, I was not able to get what I had my eye on. Went well over $8000. Two gals behind me even passed $2000 up to me. OH well, I never was much of a gambler anyway. One gal took pity on me however, and gave me a quilting book and a pattern, so I did not go home empty handed.

Dennis and I celebrated our 36Th wedding anniversary. Here is a picture of the two of us 36 years ago, a few months before we were married. The dog is my Great Dane, Dixie Doodle Dandy, Dixie for short.
We celebrated by going to Greeley for a MUFON meeting(mutual UFO network) truly interesting. We had a very delicious meal at the Cattleman's steakhouse, with stimulating dinner conversation,a tasty Cabernet, a very relaxed, memorable outing for us old timers. Hopefully we will be around for another 36 years.

Today we had our first snowfall, since last March. Looks like a couple of inches. The high today is only 34 degrees, and is supposed to get in the teens tonight. But thankfully no wind to speak of. I am kind of looking forward to winter, hoping that I can do more "girlie" things around the house, namely quilting, spinning, weaving and knitting. Maybe clean once in awhile, but that won't be on the top of my list.

On a sad note, I lost one of my little Katahdin hair sheep.She is the white one, nose to nose with LuLu.
She is away for necropsy right now, some tests are still pending. Her and her sister were still in quarantine. I only have the one little lamb now and have been desperately looking for a companion for her. Sheep are very herd oriented, and don't do well alone. I have been giving her extra attention, and scratches, which she loves. Little Dido, gone but not forgotten.

To all the veterans out there, thank you for our freedom!

I guess that I should extrapolate on the auction that I attended, it was for my quilt club Stash busters. Every time we attended we got a star worth $100,(funny money) and for each show and tell we would rack up stars worth $100. I did not walk away empty handed however, I got a lot of projects finished during the year, and was inspired by alot of great quilters!

More later..................

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  1. Our guild does a similar auction at our December meeting. The competition is vicious. Yes, 225$ for a bundle of fat quarters. Lots of fun though for the ladies who have been finishing lots of ufos!