Friday, February 25, 2011

dreams, the beginning of the end??????

I overslept this morning, until 6am, which is highly unusual for me, being the early riser that I am. I was having a dream before I awoke, so vivid, so life-like. I was thinking, is this dream real? or is my life here the dream???
I was in Minnesota, at my brother Mikes house in the Minneapolis area. They had this big screen TV at one end of their house, and the movie that was on, was on every wall in their house. Playing was an action movie, and I felt like I was in the midst of the action figures. With motorcycles and car chases, someone hanging off a bridge as the motorcycles race by. I don't believe that anyone was watching it, it was just there, like a wall mural or something.
As I was looking out the window, there was a huge Boston Ivy growing up a trellis, with birds coming and going ,darting out from behind the veils of Ivy leaves, no doubt bringing delectable worms and such to their hungry broods. I was awed on how green and lush Minnesota was, green as green can be, I inquired my brothers where abouts, and he was out planting the garden on Feb 25Th, in Minnesota. I remember thinking to myself, why do I live on this barren brown prairie of Colorado? The winds are gale like at times. The only thing holding onto what is left of topsoil, is pathetic little wisps of bunch grass. Suitable only for supporting the antelope population.
I was sitting at the table with my mother and sister, there were assortments of cookies set out in groups all over the table, my sister in law was probably baking for some charity of some sort. My sister was talking about dieting a midst all these cookies, and here I was eyeballing the most delectable ones. (Probably due to Dennis and I dieting at the moment). And my mother and sister, as svelte as svelte can be.

When I awoke with a start, I started remembering that my dear sweet brother Mikes birthday was February 16Th and I had forgotten it. Yikes! You know how sometimes your computer alerts you days in advance of upcoming birthdays, I guess that is the what my dream was alerting me to, albeit a week late. Is this the beginning of forgetfulness for me? A downward spiral of things forgotten?????A big black hole in my brain? I hope not, as Dennis will have his cross to bear.

Snap back to reality, this is what is outside my window, awaiting for me when I go out for chores. It started snowing last night around chore time, and is still snowing this morning.
No green Boston Ivy winding itself up a trellis reaching for sun rays, no baby birds with mouths agape waiting for the delectable worms. Nothing green. But the blanket of brown is now covered with a blanket of white. The water buckets will be ice covered, the goats and sheep will be maa-ing and baa-ing feed me, feed me, the alpaca will be standing in silence, eyes pleading, as is their way, for their morning feed. And me and Dennis, with finger tips frozen, and wind burned faces, moving as hurriedly as we can with all our layers of clothes on.

I will call my brother later today and do my meacopas.
The quilt gals warned me that March is the snowiest month here, so we are off to a good start. We desperately need the moisture for those bunches of grass, to hold the topsoil, so we can do our gardening, but not for awhile.
On a sunnier thought, here is a picture of me a few days ago, trimming Roxies toes.

It is reported to get 40degrees tomorrow, so the snow won't be around too long.
More later..........................................

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