Saturday, February 19, 2011

New beginnings

She was lying semi recumbent, half on her side, and half on her chest. Her nostrils flaring rhythmically with each heave of her flanks. The nutrient rich brown soil damp smelling with the morning dew. This great black beast,lying amidst the corn stubble, which had been sustaining her this winter, as a source of feed for her and her companions. She occasionally outstretches her front legs to give her more leverage. All alone, separated from her herd, but within seeing and hearing of them. It is her time....a good time as the baby will be full of colostrum and all warmed up from the suns rays by this evening. The coyotes would be at bay now, until the moon comes out again tonight. Feasting on the days abundance of placentas as the cows drop their calves. That is what I saw this morning on my way to take care of my granddaughter. The farmers field is speckled with little black Angus cows, doubling day by day his herd. Yesterday I saw a newborn calf, standing near its mother, with the placenta just starting to drop. It is so nice to witness the miracle of life out here on the prairie. I have to ask myself, how many vehicles drive by this and only see the open road stretched out before them, with thoughts only of their workday ahead. Now this was a not too busy country road, and when I finished taking my picture, and thinking of this Black Angus cow birthing, there were two other vehicles behind me, no one had honked their horn at me to get going, no one finger salute given me as they drove by. Ah, today is good.

Quilt Challenge
One of my good friends from Fargo asked me to make a quilt for her. She had these 12 blocks in her drawer for many years, the special thing about these blocks is they were embroidered by her mother and grandmother. What a treasure. I am ashamed to say, that they sat in my drawer for awhile, but I needed to come up with the proper way to display these blocks, and I think that I have accomplished it. Her colors were lilac, pale yellow and sage. There was no lilac in the blocks, so I used periwinkle blue instead, hope she does not mind. Ta-da here is the quilt. I am very proud of it, and it will be difficult to send it away. I heavily quilted it to make the blocks "pop". As always, if you left click on any of my pictures, it will enlarge the picture for closer viewing.

We had a day of trimming alpaca feet that I was going to put on my blog today, but I am having computer problems. Only 1 of my USB ports is working, and that powers my mouse. I can't download pictures. I fear that my Mother panel is going, and may need to be shipped to CA for up to 6 weeks. If it comes down to that, due to the age of our computer, we may be getting a new one. So unless I can come up with some way to get my pictures on my blog, I may not be posting for awhile. Hope not though.

My Wellington friends(Red Hats) and I had a glorious day yesterday. We started out with lunch at Perkins,lively conversation, was the first course!, and then went to the Ansel Adams art exhibit at the Fort Collins Museum of Art. He started taking black and white pictures back in the 1930's. (I believe he was born in 1902 and passed away in the 80's) They were fascinating, some of his first works were when he was a teenager.. I was particularly drawn to two of them. Both were from New Mexico, one was of white sand with a yucca, and the other was of a small town(started with an h but I can't remember the name) with the moon rising overhead, and you could see the town, with the cemetery in front, and all the crosses were white and very visible in the light of the moon. My friends and I were standing in front of this picture and I said, this picture reminds me of haunting loneliness. And they agreed. All his works were like that I guess. Well anyway, you can check him on line.

Here is a bit of eye candy for you, Happy belated Valentines!! This is at my sons home, now they know how to do Valentines Day up right!

More later.................

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