Tuesday, February 8, 2011

mini ice age?

There is nothing more satisfying than being out in 0 degree weather, snowing, and peaceful, except for the occasional maaaa or baaaa of an animal, hungrily waiting for food and water. Also, being out in that weather for an hour or more, makes it feel nice and toasty warm when you finally do get to come in after doing chores, but alas, the cycle will start again come 4pm this afternoon. We are expected to get only 8 above today and -8 tonight. Now if the wind does not pick up, it is doable. I don't know what I do without a man to do the water bucket thing for me. Thanks Dennis!!!!!
Is our weather getting colder? I just received a few days ago, an email from a very dear friend who lives near Tombstone Arizona. She said that Bisbee/Douglas AZ airport reported 0 degree weather, her cattle water tanks are covered with 3 inches of ice, and there are broken water pipes all over. She has had to carry water buckets to her goats and alpacas for 4 days. Well, welcome to my world. Also, during this Arizona cold snap, my folks lost all there winter crop of oranges, all 200 of them when their temp got down to 18 and their irrigation line broke. Here are my folks oranges.

When life hands you lemons, some people make lemonade. Here is what Ryan and Dennis did in the cold weather, they went ice fishing! Up at Red Feather Lakes, it was snowing, and the roads were slippery with ice and snow, but heck, we have 4wheel drive. Here is a picture of the ice houses on the lake. I remember when in Minnesota, Mil Lacs Lakes, well known for walleye, the ice houses are so thick, that they have street signs out on the lake, so you can find your house. Some are quite elaborate with TVs, kitchens and probably all the amenities of a lake cabin.

The catch was very good that day, and here are the rainbow trout that they caught. My apologies to all you vegetarians, but they were really tasty also I might ad.
But it gets even better, whilst leaving their fishing spot, they spotted a herd of Elk amongst the trees. I am so thankful that Ryan had his camera along with him.

Mini ice age? Well I don't know about that, as it will hit the 50's by the weekend here they say. I don't know how we took all those decades up in Minnesota, as they probably won't warm up until May! Well anyway, I have few precious hours until 4pm. I need to get on with my girlie stuff. A new quilt project is calling my name.
More later......................

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