Monday, April 5, 2010

Christmas in April? fence posts, spring flowers

Happy Easter! We had a quiet, but busy Easter Sunday. Tera, our daughter, was on call at where she works, and Ryan our son had to work the pm shift, so we will be having our Easter dinner next weekend. After starting out the day by giving Thanks to our Lord for his suffering for us, we started putting in wood fence posts. We got a total of 5 done yesterday(Sunday). This is no small feat as we have to put them 3 feet into the ground, and the soil has clay in it, so digging is really back breaking. Not to mention, neck and shoulder breaking also. We set fence posts last fall and it was a lot more difficult at that time. Over the winter, the ground freezes here, and then come spring when the frost comes out of the ground it loosens the soil making holes easier to dig. So now we are in a mad rush to get at least 5 or 6 more posts in today, before it starts raining and tamps down the soil again. My hurts are hurting badly from yesterday, but we sure do not want to miss this window of opportunity. Here are a few pictures of some of the braces we put up.

We have been putting water around the posts, all we have to do is wait for them to set up, then we can stretch the wire. Piece of cake, huh???
Here are some pictures of me doing post work.
Of course there is always a dog to lend a hand. We got a record 10 posts in today(Monday), and then about 15 T posts. Of course, Dennis does all the work for the T posts, I just can't pound them in. Definately not womans work!!! As we were doing the fencing we spotted 4 buck antelope just behind our pigeon coop. As Dennis said"in shotgun range" way off on the horizon we could see the 15 does we saw yesterday. Our neighbor said that they should start having their little ones around the 15th of April. If you left click on the picture, you will see a larger view of the antelope.

We went and visited a good friend of mine, Linda, she was digging up her perennial flower bed and said that we could have some of her perennials, that is why I call this Christmas in April. We took home quite a few new flowers and plants(irises, mums, hollyhocks, wild geraniums, and a few others that I can't even remember the names, oh and she also let us take one of her beloved rhubarb plants, that my husband was eyeing. Sounds like more baking will be in my future.) We were done putting them in the garden last night, giving them a good start, as the sun was setting behind the Rockies. Thank you so much Linda. Linda did not want her picture in the blog, but I snuck a few pictures of her garden, with water feature, I can imagine how breathtakingly beautiful her garden is in the summer.

Hers is something that I would like to model my garden after. It makes me think of my koi pond and rose and wild flower garden that I had in Minnesota, I miss them so.....
This morning while doing my chores, I just had to take a picture of LuLu giving Gabby the goat a kiss on the cheek. Gabby was raised around dogs,so likes them, but she is my only goat who does, my other goats were raised around dogs also, as I have always had dogs, but they only tolerate them and will not allow a dog this close to them.
I thought that it would only be fitting, being the Easter Holiday and all to end this post with some spring time flowers from Colorado!

I posted these a few weeks ago, and they had been frozen several times, but are all tough, must be Scandinavian flowers. Just like me! Enjoy while I go out and toil like my fathers before me and put fence posts in by hand, the way the old folks used to. Gee right now, I wish I were baking some rhubarb cake!
More later........

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