Friday, April 2, 2010

Lefse Time

I finally got up enough guts to make lefse. It turned out OK, a little tough however, and not as thin as Grandma used to make. But I will give it many more tries. I am like that old Scandinavian Meadowlark and won't easily give up!
Here you can see me ricing the potatoes.
I have all my supplies in front of me, my lefse iron and turning stick, my ingredients.

The first step after mixing the ingredients is to form the dough into patties, for ease in rolling out, and for hoping that they turn out round.

The lefse has been rolled out, which was the hardest part of the process if you ask me. I knew I would have trouble with this part. The Turning stick is to lift the lefse off the table and to get it onto the hot lefse iron.
I really did not get any really good rounds, one was shaped like a Klu Klux Clan mask, with eye holes included. But both my husband and son ate the lefse with relish! My floor was a mess and all covered with flour by the time I was done.
More later.....