Monday, April 12, 2010

dog outing, garden preparation, happy Grandpa.

You should have been a fly on the ceiling of our Blazer on Saturday!!! Lordy, lordy. We had an appointment to bring the 2 livestock guard dogs to the vet for their vaccinations. LuLu jumped right up into the Blazer, but to get Bear on board was like a rodeo. He did not want to have anything to do with it. With me inside with LuLu, on my hands and knees, I was pulling him, and Dennis was lifting, but we did it. The ride to town was 24.8 miles, they were good dogs. Lulu is dog aggressive, so we had to take her in the side door, so she would not be exposed to other dogs. Bear, would not step on the side walk up to the vets office for anything. All the coaxing and pulling in the world did no good. The vet finally came out in the parking lot and did his physical exam and temp, and gave him his shot, out there. The receptionist carried out the scale and he was weighed out in the parking lot. He is in excellent health(we knew that) and weighs in at over 100# at just a year old, with lots of growing left to do. He was a little easier to get back in the Blazer, but the 2 of us were exhausted. Bear litterly flew out of the Blazer when we were home and opened the door. The vet said that if we wanted to get him neutered, they would have to sedate him out in the parking lot. LuLu is going to have her spaying in May, we just have to escort her in the side door. So with no whole females around, hopefully Bear will be OK.
This morning we had a minister out to till our garden spot with a tractor and tiller, he does this on the side to make money for his church. Dennis usually does this by hand, and with our little Mantis, but it was virgin sod, and I was worried that it might do him in. I am not really ready to collect life insurance at this stage of my life. The fellow did an excellent job, really pulverized the soil. All in less than an hours time! We are going to have a big garden this year, about 100feet by 50feet.

The locals say that we are going to have trouble with wind and hail, but we are like that old Scandinavian Meadowlark. We got a bunch of pallets from our egg lady, that we will use for a wind break, but can't do much for the hail. We will have to wait and see.

Ryan and Julie were over with little Lily on Sunday, here is proud Grandpa feeding her. I got the next feeding. She is so cute, you just want to hug and kiss her. The little dear.
More later.........

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