Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter is back! Blessing or curse?

Yesterday, I was out in the pasture with the new baby alpaca in sleeveless tee shirt, shorts and my favorite work boots.( a fashion statement I know.) The goats are to the right of me, and they are checking out the new baby also. It was a windy, humid 70+ degrees out.

I am holding up the new little alpaca, she is not yet 24 hours old, and you can see how large she is. Pity the poor 150# mother that had this all scrunched up in her uterus. See how long legged she is.

This morning we woke up to the weather in the low 30's and snow everywhere.

Good thing that I put a coat on my babies every night so they don't have to burn calories to stay warm, just use those calories to grow.

The girls are looking out at their pasture longingly, but not today girls.

Even Dennis pigeons were outside, peeking through their enclosure. Waiting for the sun to come and warm them up.

I finished my flannel quilt,

back label and all.

Note my feather quilting on the back( it is hard to see from the front as the colors and patterns of the quilt.)

I would never have had the guts to try this stitch if it weren't for my friend Linda who told me how to do it. She is such an inspiration to me,to try things outside of my comfort zone, and they have really paid off. I used a variegated thread to quilt. You can see the different color on the chocolate brown back of this quilt.

Winter is back, a blessing or a curse? Well, the snow will give new life and nutrients to the pastures, and I foresee a ton of girlie stuff getting done today. To all my Arizona friends and family, just remember, it is a damp cold, so don't worry about me. It will probably be gone by 3pm today.

More later........

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  1. Love the new baby and can hardly wait to see her. And I love the quilting of the feathers. They came out so nice. You go, girl!